Hey! You've Kidnapped the Wrong Royal!

English Title: Hey! You've Kidnapped the Wrong Royal!
Japanese Title: いや、つれさる相手間違ってるから — “Iya, Tsuresaru Aite Machigatteru kara!”
Author: Takumi Otaki — 大滝 タクミ
Illustrator: Fshima — F島
Translator: Grantas Sireikis
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Shoujo, Adventure
Original Run: December 2018
English Run: March 2021
Japanese Publisher: Futabasha
English Publisher: Cross Infinite World
Volumes in Japanese: 1 (Complete)
Volumes in English: 1 (Complete)


My Brother Can’t Be Cuter Than ME!

One day, the Demon Lord barged into the palace and, instead of kidnapping the rightful princess Alice, he took Jean, her stunningly gorgeous brother! Alice, alongside her butler Seb and sibling duo Hatta and Haigha set out for the Demon Lord's castle. Her goal: not to rescue Jean but--in her own words--smack some sense into the Demon Lord for even daring to think Jean was the cuter one! Meanwhile, Jean and the Demon Lord are getting along well…maybe a little too well.

Will Alice be able to defend her feminine pride? Follow her questionable adventures in this gag-filled fantasy novel!

Volume 1
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Released March 15, 2021 -- ASIN: B08V3SCHSN

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