Hi Everyone, I’m Justus R. Stone. I’m currently running the whole show solo. Please be patient with me…

Over the years, this site has been a huge source of information and inspiration for me. I’m really proud to be able to contribute to it, and to help it continue as a great resource for the light novel fandom!

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Former Staff

Hello! I'm Haruka, the newest(?) member of ELN. If this is our first time, nice to meet you and I hope we can get along.

Haruka is an aspiring novelist, freelance slayer of Wrathaloose, and unwitting world traveller. After being whisked away by fate, she has been on the hunt for fascinating stories and sweet tales to tell. A lover of technical talk and good coffee, she also secretly enjoys playing video games when she gets the chance. As of late, Haruka works tirelessly as a part-time clerk and part-time writer. Both jobs are to fulfill her dream of getting published someday.

She loves reading light novels (LNs) that describe an immersive world filled with interesting characters; especially those belonging to the fantasy genre. Her first LN ever was I've Been Killing Slimes, Vol. 1 and has since found favourites in series such as The Alchemist Who SurvivedThe Genius Prince, and The Werewolf Count. While writing started her passion for LN reading and reviewing, it soon became an enjoyable stand-alone hobby of hers. Haruka aims to contribute weekly spoiler-free reviews for all volumes she reads.

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Gee is a twenty-something Australian who fell in love with reading and writing at three years old, and hasn’t looked back since. In her day-to-day life she works in communications--which is just a fancy way of saying she writes digital content for businesses. She also has an active YouTube channel Simply Gee where she talks--at length--about anime and manga, and co-hosts a podcast called Read Right-to-Left. She has been a regular reviewer for ELN since early 2018. 

After discovering anime and manga in high school, it wasn’t until a few years later that she started reading light novels like Spice & WolfKieli and Book Girl. Since then, the English light novel industry has become highly popular and prolific, with more titles being released than she could have ever imagined. Currently, her light novel collection is dedicated to her very favourite series, both completed and ongoing. Gee’s tastes are wide and varied, although the recent increase in shojo, feminist and female-led light novels have been her top priority for buying and reading. New books like Sexiled, JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World and Ascendance of a Bookworm have quickly joined her favourites, and give her hope that one day her dream relicense of The Twelve Kingdoms may come true.

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Hi everyone! I'm Carriage and as of the time of writing, I've been helping out here and there on ELN for the past year and a half now. This site has a special place in my heart for being a catalyst to my light novel reading addiction and I was overjoyed at the chance to give back. My contributions to the site largely fall under entry maintenance but I do drop into the occasional discussion posts and the like. Outside of ELN, I do a little bit of anime-blogging on my personal blog and otherwise, I'm just another fan of Japanese mixed media. You can find me at my blog and on twitter tweeting occasionally about the various things that catch my interest.

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Between 2010 and 2015, Nick earned a Bachelors and a Masters in fields related to Natural Resource Management, and he currently works as a Horticultural Technician for a Conservation Agency. Before that, though, he was a student of English Literature at a small liberal arts college in Southern California, and he still nurtures an abiding passion for books, words, and all things literary. When he’s not planning a future farm business, he’s building vast personal libraries, studying database science, or writing for this blog, amongst other things.

He played his first JRPG (Final Fantasy III on the SNES) at 13, read most of Lone Wolf & Cub before he graduated high school, watched Code Geass voraciously on Adult Swim as a liberal arts student, and rented all of Hayao Miyazake’s films as an undergraduate at a land grant university. However, it wasn’t until he had already started his Masters degree that he discovered an intense fascination for anime culture in its entirety. Since then, he’s built a collection of Japanese video  games, animes, mangas, soundtracks, and – of course – light novels, that would require a relational database of at least 100k tuples to organize properly. ;-)

He likes all genres, though his primary interest is high fantasy. His favorite light novel series so far was Good Witch of the West (for its poetic language and delicate touch), followed closely by the various Gundam Novels (for their slick action and intricate worldbuilding). Above all else, he hopes to someday see official translations for light novels related to classic SRPG series like Fire Emblem and Langrisser.

The person we owe this site’s existence to! Cho dedicated years to developing English Light Novels and has overseen its growth into the great resource it is today. While she’s decided to take a step back from running the site, we still hope to wrangle her into contributing to articles in the future!