Bluesteel Blasphemer

Bluesteel Blasphemer

English Title: Bluesteel Blasphemer
Japanese Title: 蒼鋼の冒涜者<ブルースチール・ブラスフェマ> — Aohagane no Boutokusha
Author: Ichirou Sakaki
Illustrator: Tera Akai
Translator: James Rushton, Kevin Steinbach
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Original Run: April 2015 – April 2016
English Run: May 2017 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: HJ Bunko (Hobby Japan)
English Publisher: J-Novel Club
Volumes in Japanese: 4 (Completed)
Volumes in English: 4 (Completed)
Average Price Per Volume: Kindle $7 – iBook $7 – Kobo $7
Note: Also available to read online through a J-Novel Club subscription. This series is currently digital-only.

Synopsis: Yukinari Amano loves guns. After reincarnating into another world, the young man goes on a journey with Dasa, the younger sister of the girl who gave him a second life. However, while on the road, the pair are attacked by a local deity--an “erdgod.” No normal person could possibly defeat one--so when Yukinari uses his knowledge of guns and newfound abilities to do the impossible, he becomes worshipped as the area’s new god himself! Get ready for an alternate-reality, gun-and-sword-filled, action-packed adventure!

Volume 1
Amazon -- iBook -- J-Novel Club -- Kobo
Released May 14, 2017 — ASIN: B06Y14HTKR

Volume 2
Amazon -- iBook -- J-Novel Club -- Kobo
Released July 15, 2017 — ASIN: B0711PTV6F

Volume 3
Amazon -- iBook -- J-Novel Club -- Kobo
Released October 1, 2017 — ASIN: B074K8XYLG

Volume 4
Amazon -- iBook -- J-Novel Club -- Kobo
Released December 24, 2017 — ASIN: B0763FWZ9V

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