News: Light Novel Articles (July 2015)

(pictured: Tokyo Demons)
(pictured: Tokyo Demons)

It’s already August! That means we’re in our final month for the LN summer reading program, which will focus on Durarara!! volume 1 (as recently released by Yen Press) and The Witch’s House: Diary of Ellen (as fan-translated online).

Here is a schedule for the weekly discussions:

Monday, August 10th

  • For Durarara, read the prologue and chapters one through four. This is up to page 71 in the paperback.
  • For Witch’s House, read the prologue and chapters one and two.

Monday, August 17th

  • For Durarara, read chapters five through nine. This is up to page 149 in the paperback.
  • For Witch’s House, read chapters three and four.

Monday, August 24th

  • For Durarara, read chapter ten, “last chapter,” and the two epilogue chapters to finish the story.
  • For Witch’s House, read chapter 5 and the epilogue to finish the story.

If you decide to read ahead on either of these books, that's fine -- just don't post spoilers for later readings in the discussions. I'll see about putting a mini-schedule in the sidebar to serve as a reminder for anyone who is interested in reading either (or both) of these books.

And now, for some links to various light novel posts this past month.

First a few reviews:

Other posts:

  • kuuderes_shadow wrote a follow-up article in response to the one I linked from ANN last month, regarding light novel series still up for anime adaptations. The list of LNs this time focus on popular series from the last four years.
  • Also from kuuderes_shadow, an interesting post regarding light novel licenses from Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. This includes a possible explanation for why certain series have their manga adaptations licensed, but not the original novels.

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