News: Light Novel Articles (July 2015)

It’s already August! That means we’re in our final month for the LN summer reading program, which will focus on Durarara!! volume 1 (as recently released by Yen Press) and The Witch’s House: Diary of Ellen (as fan-translated online). Here is a schedule for the weekly discussions: Monday, August 10th For Durarara, read the prologue… Read More News: Light Novel Articles (July 2015)

Review: Gekkou

月光 — “Gekkou” — Moonlight The novel: — Books Kinokuniya — YesAsia The fan translation (by EusthEnoptEron): Baka-Tsuki MAL Entry — Forum (Note: This site's central focus is on light novels officially translated and published in English, but at times I will post reviews for stories that have only been translated by fans. Please support… Read More Review: Gekkou

News: Light Novel Articles (August 2014)

Another month has passed, and I’ve decided to put together another post of links to blog posts regarding light novels: The Stefan Keys Blog reviewed a one-shot light novel called Gekkou, which appears to be a mystery with a romance subplot. A review by Windborne was added for an action series called Itsuka Tenma no… Read More News: Light Novel Articles (August 2014)