Genshiken: Return of the Otaku

Genshiken: Return of the Otaku
Genshiken: Return of the Otaku

English Title: Genshiken: Return of the Otaku
Japanese Title
: げんしけん 拝入蘭人の野望 — Genshiken: Hairu Ranto no Rabou
Author: Kazutoshi Iida
Illustrator: Shimoku Kio
Translator: Katy Bridges
Genre: Comedy, Slice-of-Life
Original Run: 2008
English Run: 2010
Volumes: 1
English Publisher: Del Rey
Volumes Published in English: 1 (COMPLETE)

Synopsis: The deafening whack-whack-whack of a helicopter above campus is the first indication that the balmy tranquility of the Genshiken Club is about to be disturbed. The chopper brings handsome Ranto Hairu: transfer student, scion of a powerful Japanese conglomerate, and newly named chairman of the on-campus club organization committee. Hairu has strong ideas about the kind of clubs that deserve to survive (earnest, industrious) and the kind that don’t (arty, frivolous), and he’s a big fan of brute force. For Madarame, Kousaka, Ohno, and the others, the idea of losing their cherished club is the ultimate nightmare—but it’s only the first of many. Fortunately, the Genshiken boys and girls have a few tricks of their own, including a certain sword fighter summoned from ancient times who could prove very handy.

Return of the Otaku
Return of the Otaku

Volume 1
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