Maid Machinegun

Maid Machinegun
Maid Machinegun

English Title: Maid Machinegun
Japanese Title
: メイド・マシンガン – “Maid Machinegun”
Author: Aaliyah
Illustrator: Suzuhito Yasuda
Translator: Anastasia Moreno
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Original Run: 2006
English Run: 2008
Volumes: 1
English Publisher: Del Rey
Volumes Published in English: 1 (COMPLETE)

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Synopsis: In Tokyo's Akihabara district, eighteen-year-old Aaliyah is a new maid (aka waitress) at a hopping maid café where otaku (guys devoted to manga) convene to drink tea and talk comics. Aaliyah is determined to make a splash–and her adventures are recounted in this sparkling diary. Aaliyah's motto is “I won't lose, even if I'm about to.” She plans to design a maid photo book, create a super-duper event, and solve all the fanboys' problems with her brainchild: “A Maid's Dimly Lit Counseling Room.” But something's wrong, and it's not just Aaliyah's bad Japanese. Why are the other maids suspicious of her? Why is the maid café's recent hire an incredibly handsome waiter, and why is he madly in love with her? It turns out Aaliyah has her own secret. Now it's time to find out the truth about the girl who'll follow her dreams and fantasies anywhere and do anything to become the perfect maid!

Volume 1
Volume 1

Volume 1
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