xxxHolic: Another Holic

xxxHolic: AnotherHolic
xxxHolic: AnotherHolic

English Title: xxxHOLiC: AnotherHOLiC
Japanese Title: ×××HOLiC アナザーホリック ランドルト環エアロゾル — Horikku Anazāhorikku Randoruto-Kan Earozoru — “xxxHOLiC: ANOTHERHOLiC Landolt-Ring Aerosol”
Author: Nisio Isin
Illustrator: Clamp
Translator: Andrew Cunningham
Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Comedy
Original Run: 2006
English Run: 2008
Volumes: 1
English Publisher: Del Rey
Volumes Published in English: 1 (COMPLETE)
Average Price Per Volume: Hardcover $15 – Paperback $13

Synopsis: Introducing the thrilling first novel set in the exotic, mysterious world of xxxHOLiC! Written by bestselling author NISIOISIN, and spectacularly illustrated by CLAMP, this original story features the ever-excitable high school student Kimihiro Watanuki, the mystifying time-space witch Yûko Ichihara, and a host of fascinating new characters. Nothing could have thrilled Kimihiro more than stumbling upon the bizarre wish-granting shop of the beautiful but unnerving Yûko Ichihara, who solemnly promises to make the spirits plaguing Kimihiro go away just as soon as her fee–rendered in daily afternoon chores at her shop–is paid in full. Of course, the thrill wears off as soon as Kimihiro realizes that his payment plan bears a disturbing resemblance to indentured servitude . . . eternal indentured servitude. Still he soldiers on, ready for whatever number of adventures lie ahead.

Vol 1 - xxxHolic: Another Holic
Vol 1 – xxxHolic: Another Holic

Volume 1
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Note: This is an anthology that includes three short stories. The first was adapted into the anime (episode 17), while the other two weren’t.

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