The Otherworlder, Exploring the Dungeon

The Otherworlder, Exploring the Dungeon

English Title: The Otherworlder, Exploring the Dungeon
Japanese Title: 異邦人、ダンジョンに潜る — “Ihoujin, Dungeon ni Moguru”
Author: Asami Hinagi – 麻美 ヒナギ 
Illustrator: Kureta – クレタ
Translator: Alexandra McCullough-Garcia
Genre: Isekai, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Original Run: February 2019 – ongoing
English Run: November 2021 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Kadokawa (Dragon Novels)
English Publisher: Yen Press (Yen On)
Volumes in Japanese: 3 (In Progress?) No new volume since February 2020
Volumes in English: 1 (In Progress)


Ready for Anything--Except This

​Strapped for cash, Souya signs up for a shady gig straight out of a video game: warp to a fantasy world with a team of experts and ascend a dungeon tower to make off with its spoils. However, an accident in the transfer process leaves him stranded there alone. Desperate for support, he recruits a host of adventurers--from elven sisters banished from their forest, to a Goddess of Deception and Secrecy partial to lazing about as a cat--to form a party that can brave the tower's perils. Caught between corrupt nobles and merchants outside the dungeon and deadly monsters within, can this motley band rise to the challenge? Or will Souya's adventure end before it even begins?

Volume 1 
Amazon -- Book Depository -- Rightstuf -- Indigo
ISBN-13: 9781975319557

Volume 2 
AmazonBook DepositoryRightStufIndigo
ISBN-13: 9781975319571

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Illustrations Sampler

Anime Adaptation


Manga Adaptation

Baka-Updates — (Japan) — Published Sep 26, 2019 to Nov 26, 2020
(English) Not Licensed

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