LN Voting for Summer Reading Program 2016

(pictured: Re:Zero -- art by Swordsouls)
(pictured: Re:Zero — art by Swordsouls)

As explained previously, the light novels we’ll be discussing for the summer reading program this year will be partly determined by vote. I have gathered all your submitted suggestions, so now it’s time for the second and final round of voting. There are two polls, so you get to choose one officially-released novel and one fan-translated novel. Below you will find links to a synopsis for each choice, so feel free to research the candidates a bit before you vote.

The deadline for voting will be Saturday May 7th, so I will announce the winners of each poll on the following day (Sunday, the 8th). The winner for the officially-released LN poll will be read and discussed in August. The 1st-place entry for the fan-translated LN poll will be read and discussed in June, and the 2nd-place entry in July. I’ll also choose August’s fan-translated LN when the voting results are announced.

Note: In the event that one of the winning fan-translated light novels gets licensed for official release before we read it, I think it would be best to replace it with the next highest-voted candidate. Example: If the 2nd-place entry (which we would read in July) gets licensed in June (and thus the fan translation likely gets taken off the web), we will read the 3rd-place entry for July instead. Once said 2nd-place LN gets its official release, I’d be fine with having a “bonus” set of discussions for it at that time, if that sounds fair.

Officially-Released Light Novel Poll

Choose the light novel you wish to read and discuss this August!

Fan-Translated Light Novel Poll

Choose the light novel you wish to read and discuss the most this summer! (First-place winner will be read in June; second-place winner will be read in July)

4 thoughts on “LN Voting for Summer Reading Program 2016

  1. As much as I love Spice and Wolf. That’s series is now finished being released in English so I decided to vote for a newer series ID like to start reading: rising of the shield hero. I mainly voted for that one because it doesn’t have an anime adaption.

  2. I got with:
    Legend of the Galactic Heroes only because I’ve already read it. Pandora Hearts as a second choice as I have it, THOUGH I’m currently reading the manga and have no idea where it fits in so spoilers maybe?
    “Strangled” as I’m currently reading it and it’s the LEAST offensive (maybe it’s actually good?) out of the porny dreck you have up for on the poll.

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