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(pictured: Baccano!)
(pictured: Baccano!)

Last year I ran a light novel “summer reading program,” and would like to give that another go this year. For each summer month (June, July, and August), there will be two light novels we will read and discuss on a weekly basis (with the reading split into three chunks, and the discussions likewise spread across three posts). One LN will be an official release, and the other a fan translation. You don’t have to read both books each month; you can choose to just read one if you wish (or none). I will post my thoughts on the two books, and everyone can freely discuss things in the comments section. You can find all of last year’s summer reading posts at the bottom of the reviews and features page.

This year, I’m going to run a poll so that all of you can decide on half the books we’ll read. That means you can leave a comment to this post, suggesting one officially-released LN and one fan-translated LN. After a week, I will put up two polls including everyone’s suggestions (one poll for the officially-released LNs, and the other for the fan-translated LNs), and then you can all vote on the titles you want to read the most. The polls will last a week, at which point I will announce all the books we’ll be discussing for the summer reading program.

Here’s what I have in mind for the reading list at the moment:

Column 1 is for June, Column 2 is for July, and Column 3 is for August.

In summary, August’s officially-released LN will be decided by a vote, and June and July’s fan-translated LNs will be decided by a vote. In order to create a poll, I will need suggestions… and those suggestions will come from YOU in the comment section below. Just keep in mind your suggestions need to be either the first volume of a series or a one-shot. And, obviously, the titles you suggest must be available in English. The officially-released LN needs to be out before August, and the fan-translated LNs need to be completely translated and easily accessible.

I will pick a fan-translated LN for August–the idea behind that being I can try to make sure there’s a little variety to what we’re reading over the summer. I might just go with what’s third place in the poll, or I might go with something else. If June and July’s fan-translated LNs both end up being the same sub-genre for example, I’ll probably want August’s entry to be a different type of story.

If anything is confusing here, feel free to ask questions in your comments. Otherwise, go ahead and suggest light novels for us all to read this summer! Remember, you can suggest one officially-released LN, and one fan-translated LN. I suggest thinking of books you believe would make for some interesting discussion…

Deadline for suggestions: Saturday, April 30th (I will put the poll together the following day.)

18 thoughts on “Submit Suggestions for LN Summer Reading Program 2016

  1. Okay, my suggestions!

    Officially translated novel: Legend of the Galactic Heroes volume 1
    Fan-translated novel: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash volume 1 (translated at Nano Desu)

    1. Rising of the Shield Hero is fine to suggest. Any first volume released before August (and is still in print) is eligible for official translations.

  2. I’m going to say…
    Overlord for the official translation and Washio Sumi wa Yuusha De Aru (Washio Sumi is a Hero) for the fan-translation!

  3. I suggest:
    – Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, ( Horizon in the middle of nowhere ) as fan translated light novel;
    – Re:zero as official Yen Press translation.
    I guess I can suggest Horizon, even if it’s not completely translated, right?
    ( Hope that we get more licenses with the deal Kadokawa/Yen Press )

    1. As long as the first volume is completely translated, then it’s fine to suggest. We won’t read more than one volume, so it’s not required that the full series be translated at this time. (It looks like Horizon has a few volumes fan-translated, so that’s fine to suggest.)

  4. For the fan translated novel, I would like to see Chrome Shelled Regios. It’s on Baka-tsuki and my favorite all-time series. As for the official translated book, The Irregular at Magic High School is my suggestion.

  5. I don’t have any ideas about the fitting officially released book to propose, but I believe Our Journey to the End of the Ceasing World would be a great fan-translated novel to share some thoughts about.

  6. I have no pick for an official release in august.
    Is a picking a web novel for choosing fan-translated okay?
    “The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma” first choice if web novel okay.
    “Evil God Average” as fan-translated light novel.

    1. For now let’s stick with titles that have gotten a volume published. I’ll add Evil God Average to the upcoming poll, if that works.

  7. •Officially translated novel: Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race [volume 1].
    •Fan-translated novel: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash [volume 1].

  8. Psycome is a good choice, because I wouldve bought it anyways (is this sentences grammar correct?), but for August I’m not sure!
    But, for a fantranslated I’d like to see the Novel with the super long name: Danshi Koukousei de Urekko Light Novel Sakka wo Shiteiru Keredo, Toshishita no Classmate de Seiyuu no Onnanoko ni Kubi wo Shimerareteiru.
    Just search for it on baka tsuki, I like and recommend it a lot, although 90% of the novel consists of dialogue between the two main protagonists.

  9. Since the two series you have in mind for June and July are on the newer end of the spectrum I’d suggest going with something that’s been translated for longer so you have a nice mix of people doing rereading and newcomers. My official nomination would be Spice & Wolf. Something else in that vein(Haruhi, Index, ect) would be fine as well though

    As for fan translations, I’m less well versed there and a good deal of my favorites have been DMCA’d, so I’ll refrain from nominating. That said, I plead with folks not just to nominate their favorite series but to heavily factor in readability. A story might be great but if the translation isn’t up to snuff it’s going to be a chore for those less invested to get into.

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