The Boy and the Beast

The Boy and the Beast
The Boy and the Beast

English Title: The Boy and the Beast
Japanese Title: バケモノの子 -- Bakemono no Ko — “Child of the Monster”
Author: Mamoru Hosoda
Illustrator: Takaaki Yamashita, Geko Hirasawa
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Original Run: 2015
English Run: 2016
Japanese Publisher: Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko (Kadokawa Shoten)
English Publisher: Yen Press (Yen On)
Volumes in Japanese: 1 (Completed)
Volumes Published in English: 1 (Completed)
Average Price Per VolumeHardcover â€“ $13

Synopsis: Tokyo’s a big city–big enough that it’s easy for a grieving boy like Ren to slip through the cracks. But Ren slips a little farther than he meant to, tumbling into the beast world of Jutengai! He ends up with a new name–Kyuta–and a new life learning the way of the sword as the apprentice of the bear Kumatetsu. Kumatetsu’s got problems of his own, though, and the boy and the beast may have more to learn from each other than they realize. But the boy’s arrival in the realm of the beasts has put both their worlds in danger, and they’re going to need more than life lessons to face it!

Volume 1
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Released February 23, 2016 — ISBN-13: 978-0316270601

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