Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race

Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race
Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race

English Title: Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race
Japanese Title: PandoraHearts ~Caucus race~ (パンドラハーツ)
Author: Shinobu Wakamiya
Illustrator: Jun Mochikzuki
Translator: Taylor Engel
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Mystery
Original Run: March 2011 – May 2013
English Run: June 2015 – January 2016
Japanese Publisher: Square Enix
English Publisher: Yen Press
Volumes in Japanese: 3 (Completed)
Volumes in English: 3 (Completed)
Average Price Per Volume: Paperback $11 — Kindle $8 — Nook $8

Synopsis: Within these pages, four fairy tales unfold, each peering into one of the houses of the four great dukedoms: Vessalius, Rainsworth, Barma, and Nightray. Shifting among present, past, and future, these stories link to each other like a wheel, traveling to and fro in a never-ending ring between the everyday and the extraordinary. Inside this ring, the protagonists take off at a gallop. Caucus race: A race that is run within a circle, any which way one likes. A race with no goal. Who will be the winner?

Volume 1
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Volume 2
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Volume 3
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    1. Yes, I’m excited to give this a read once I get the chance. Though these are just side stories, I’m always happy to see what Oz, Alice, Gilbert, and all the others are up to.

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