News: Pandora Hearts, SAO, Isolator LNs Released

(pictured: Pandora Hearts)
(pictured: Pandora Hearts)

Somehow I forgot to put together a post for June’s light novel releases! Here it is now though–I’ll try to not let these announcements slip by.

Three books were released by Yen Press last month. Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race (volume 1), Sword Art Online: Progressive (volume 2), and The Isolator (volume 1).

Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race — volume 1 (available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats)
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Synopsis: Within these pages, four fairy tales unfold, each peering into one of the houses of the four great dukedoms: Vessalius, Rainsworth, Barma, and Nightray. Shifting among present, past, and future, these stories link to each other like a wheel, traveling to and fro in a never-ending ring between the everyday and the extraordinary. Inside this ring, the protagonists take off at a gallop. Caucus race: A race that is run within a circle, any which way one likes. A race with no goal. Who will be the winner?

Sword Art Online: Progressive — volume 2 (available in paperback)
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Synopsis: “There’s no way to beat this game. The only difference is when and where you die…” Having cleared the first and second floors of Aincrad at great cost, Kirito, Asuna, and the rest of the players ascend to the third floor. Tenuous new allies await them–most crucially, Kizmel, the elven knight. Kizmel is supposed to be a minor NPC with low-level AI, but she soon reveals herself to be much more. With new allies come new complications, though, and the elves of the vast third-floor forest are no more united than the players who have just arrived there. The intrigue deepens when a mysterious figure challenges Kirito, and what begins as a simple contest of skill may actually be something far deadlier!

The Isolator — volume 1: The Biter (available in hardcover)
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Synopsis: Ever since a terrible childhood tragedy, Minoru Utsugi has wished for one thing: solitude. Years later, a bizarre encounter leaves a mysterious artifact in Minoru's body that grants his wish–but that's far from the end of his troubles. Others have been visited and given powers like Minoru's, but their twisted desires are not so benign. When a murderous force threatens the people Minoru holds dear, will his newfound abilities be enough to stand in its way? And can there be a future for someone who craves eternal solitude above all else? The story of the Isolator begins here!

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