News: Light Novel Articles (June 2015)

(pictured: Otoburi)
(pictured: Otoburi)

June has already passed us by, and the summer season is in full-swing. Thanks to everyone who has participated in this site’s LN reading program! For July we will read the first volumes of The Isolator (as recently released by Yen Press) and Twilight-Colored Song User (as fan-translated online).

Here is a full schedule of our next set of weekly discussions:

Sunday, July 12th

  • For The Isolator, read the prologue (“Fragment One” and “Fragment Two”) along with the first four chapters of the book proper. If you have the hardcover, this means up to page 50.
  • For Twilight-Colored Song User, read the prologue and the first two chapters (labeled “First Play” and “Second Play”). On my Kindle, it equates to reading up to location 1258.

Sunday, July 19th

  • For The Isolator, read chapters 5, 6, and 7. This will bring you to page 138 in the hardcover edition.
  • For Song User, read the chapters “Interval Play” and “Third Play.” This is up to location 1898 on my Kindle.

Sunday, July 26th

  • For The Isolator, read chapters 8 and 9 to finish the story.
  • For Song User, finish the story with the chapters “Fourth Play,” “Final Play,” and “Awarded Play.” (Up to location 3142 on Kindle.)

If you decide to read ahead on either of these books, that's fine -- just don't post spoilers for later readings in the discussions. I'll see about putting a mini-schedule in the sidebar to serve as a reminder for anyone who is interested in reading either (or both) of these books.

And now, time for our monthly round-up of links:

And that’s everything I have for now! (As always, feel free to leave links to anything else from the last month in the comments.) I won’t be surprised if there’s some more light novel-related news coming up in the next few days though, while Anime Expo is in full swing. (Yen Press panel is on Sunday, I believe.) I’ll be sure to keep updates here going in the meantime.

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