The Sorcerer’s Receptionist

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The Sorcerer’s Receptionist

English Title: The Sorcerer’s Receptionist
Japanese Title: 魔法世界の受付嬢になりたいです — “Mahousekai no Uketsukejou ni Naritaidesu”
Author: Mako — まこ
Illustrator: Maro — まろ
Translator: Roko Mobius
Genre: Fantasy, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Romance
Original Run: July 2018 – January 2020
English Run: September 2020 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Arian Rose
English Publisher: J-Novel Heart (J-Novel Club)
Volumes in Japanese: 3 (Complete)
Volumes in English: 3 (Complete)

Note: Also available to read online through a J-Novel Club subscription. This series is currently digital-only.

Synopsis: In a world of everyday magic, Nanalie has always dreamed of becoming a receptionist at the prestigious Sorcerer’s Guild. To achieve her goal, she needs to attend a magic school full of princes and the daughters of nobles. Determined to prove that a commoner can be the number one student, she must compete with Rockmann, the son of a duke. When she graduates, she lands her dream job and they go their separate ways. Nanalie enjoys spending each day alongside her familiar Lala and her kind co-workers, but it seems that fate won't let her escape her entanglement with Rockmann that easily…

Volume 1
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
Released September 26, 2020 -- ASIN: B08CD3RHJ2

Volume 2 
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
Released December 13, 2020 -- ASIN: B08JM2NZF2

Volume 3
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
Released March 21, 2021 -- ASIN: B08PKQG5YJ

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Manga Adaptation

MAL Entry — (Japan) Published April 2019 – ongoing (English) Not yet licensed

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