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English Title: Sarazanmai
Japanese Title: さらざんまい
Author: Kunihiko Ikuhara – 幾原邦彦 & Teruko Utsumi – 内海照子
Illustrator: Miggy – ミギー
Translator: TBD
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, LGBT+
Original Run: April 2019 – August 2019
English Run: June 2020 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: Gentosha Comics
English Publisher: Seven Seas
Volumes in Japanese: 2 (Completed)
Volumes in English: 2 (Complete)


Based on the hit anime by Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, PENGUINDRUM), three boys are transformed into mythical creatures with a mission in this action-filled LGBT+ comedy about friendship, secrets, and growing up. And don't miss the manga spin-off, Sarazanmai: Reo and Mabu!

After accidentally breaking a statue of a kappa, junior high students Kazuki, Toi, and Enta are transformed into kappa themselves as punishment by Keppi, prince of the Kappa Kingdom. Keppi has a task for the boys if they want their bodies back: work for him to hunt down zombie kappas! Can the boys complete their mission--even if it means exposing their own darkest, deepest fears and desires to each other?

Volume 1
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
eBook Released June 11, 2020 — ASIN: B0882TNNJT

Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository -- RightstufBAM!Indigo
Paperback Releasing September 08, 2020 -- ISBN-13: 978-1645057284

Volume 2
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
eBook Released August 13, 2020 — ASIN: B088P91M1L

Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository -- RightStuf -- BAM! -- Indigo
Releasing November 17, 2020 -- ISBN-13: 9781645057963

Reviews of Sarazanmai

  • GAR GAR Stegosaurus: Vol 1


MAL Entry — 11 episodes — aired April 12, 2019 to June 21, 2019
Note: The light novels were adapted from the anime

Manga Adaptation

MAL Entry — Serialized in Comic Boost — Published May 2019 – ongoing (No current English release)

Spin-Off Series Reo and MabuMAL Entry (Japan) Published May, 2018 to March, 2019. (English release by Seven Seas) Published June, 2020. AmazonBook DepositoryRightStuf

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