Voices of a Distant Star

Voices of a Distant Star

English Title: Voices of a Distant Star: Words of Love / Across the Stars
Japanese Title: ほしのこえ あいのことば/ほしをこえる — Hoshi no Koe: Ai no Kotoba / Hoshi o Koeru
Author: Arata Kanoh, Makoto Shinkai
Illustrator: VOFAN (English cover artwork)
Translator: Michelle Lin, Yota Okutani
Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Mecha
Original Run: September 2006
English Run: July 2019
Japanese Publisher: Enterbrain
English Publisher: Vertical
Volumes in Japanese: 1 (Completed)
Volumes in English: 1 (Completed)
Average Price Per Volume: Paperback — $15

Synopsis: The word, “world”… I vaguely thought it meant anywhere there was cell phone reception. It's the year 2046. Mikako Nagamine and Noboru Terao are middle school classmates, tentatively sharing an unspoken first love--but unbeknownst to him, Mikako has been recruited into the UN Space Force, and instead of going on to high school, will join the spacecraft Lysithea to search for alien Tarsians. As she travels further and further to the outer reaches of the solar system, the time it takes for a text message to reach the Earth grows longer and longer. Back on Earth, time passes normally for Noboru, but as the years pass he still can't forget the voice on the other side of the cell phone…

Volume 1 — Words of Love / Across the Stars
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Released July 30, 2019 — ISBN-13: 978-1947194663

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