The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan

The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan

English Title: The Greatest Magicmaster’s Retirement Plan
Japanese Title: 最強魔法師の隠遁計画 — Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku
Author: Izushiro — イズシロ
Illustrator: Ruria Miyuki — ミユキルリア
Translator: Warnis
Genre: Magic School, Fantasy, Adventure, Harem
Original Run: February 2017 – ongoing
English Run: May 2019 – ongoing
Japanese Publisher: HJ Bunko (Hobby Japan)
English Publisher: J-Novel Club
Volumes in Japanese: 12 (In Progress)
Volumes in English: 8 (In Progress)
Average Price Per Volume: Kindle $7 – iBook $7 – Kobo $7 — Nook $7
Note: Also available to read online through a J-Novel Club subscription. This series is currently digital-only.

Synopsis: In a world where the Fiends run rampant… Magicmaster Alus Reigin, the young prodigy that has defeated more Fiends and reclaimed more of humanity's lost territory than anyone else alive, requests retirement from military service at age 16. But due to the twists and turns of fate surrounding his status as the No. 1 Magicmaster in the nation--the top Magicmaster out of more than 100,000--he ends up as a student at a special magical institute, hiding his identity and training his successors – a pair of beautiful Magicmaster girls! Not to mention continuing to defeat Fiends in secret… Get ready--the epic adventure of the Greatest Magicmaster Alus Reigin begins now!

Volume 1
AmazoniBookGoogle PlayKoboNookBookwalker
Released May 14, 2019 — ASIN: B07NSL9NQG

Volume 2
AmazoniBookGoogle PlayKoboNookBookwalker
Released August 13, 2019 — ASIN: B07RVD73G7

Volume 3
Amazon -- iBook -- Google Play -- Kobo -- NookBookwalker
Released November 12, 2019 — ASIN: B07WQ2M8C1

Volume 4
Amazon -- iBook -- Google Play -- Kobo -- NookBookwalker
Releasing February 18, 2020 — ASIN: B081G8MHPW

Volume 5
Amazon -- iBook -- Google Play -- Kobo -- NookBookwalker
Releasing May 05, 2020 — ASIN: B084P97NC3

Volume 6
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google PlayBookwalker
Released September 01, 2020 — ASIN: B0894WBVLM

Volume 7 
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
Released November 23, 2020 -- ASIN: B08HMW1Y2J

Volume 8 
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
Released February 23, 2021 -- ASIN: B08PDCYYRT

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Manga Adaptation

MAL Entry — Published July 2017 – ongoing (Japan Only)

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