Review: SAO Alternative – Gun Gale Online (Vol 1)

SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online

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This review is for the first volume of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online. This is a spinoff series to Reki Kawahara’s popular Sword Art Online light novels. Gun Gale Online is written by Keiichi Sigsawa and features illustrations by Kohaku Kuroboshi. Volume 2 will release in English on September 18th, 2018. So far there are eight volumes in Japan.

Vol 1 — Squad Jam

Despite Sword Art Online being the series largely responsible for light novels translated in English becoming as big as they have in recent years, I haven’t actually read any of that series. The anime adaptations of 2012 and 2014 earned the franchise a lot of fans, and I imagine its popularity will only grow further with the upcoming four-season adaptation of Alicization, SAO‘s most highly-regarded story arc. That will begin next month…

At any rate, SAO isn’t really my sort of thing, but I’m happy for all of you that enjoy it. I might get around to reading a volume of it one day, but first things first: the spinoff series written by Keiichi Sigsawa, the author famous for Kino’s Journey (a favorite of mine, that I’m always meaning to read more of). SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online features new characters who have their own adventures in the world of virtual reality, specifically in the form of a shooting game titled Gun Gale Online. In volume 1, the lead characters Llenn and M enter a battle royale tournament to see if their team can survive ’til the end.

And… that’s the plot! It really is an extraordinarily straightforward story for this one. Llenn and M shoot guns, get shot at, the bullets are flying everywhere… It’s pretty much just a long series of action sequences. You get to learn a whole lot about guns, and a few things about the characters. I imagine there will be more to learn about them in later volumes, but for now there isn’t a whole lot. Karen is a tall and shy college-aged woman in real life, but in the game (as “Llenn”) she gets to live her dream of being short and cute. And also, shoot lots of people in a video game. (Living the dream!)

It’s not a terribly conflict-driven story, since it’s literally just “Will Karen win the tournament?” But if you’re a SAO fan who could use a break from Kirito’s adventures and/or enjoy action-packed reads, this is worth giving a try. I felt the volume was pretty monotonous with it being almost 100% devoted to the gun battles, but I can acknowledge I’m not really the target audience for this one. It was at least clear to me that the author had a fun time writing it, and I imagine it can be a rollicking jaunt for interested readers as well.

Cho's Rating: Maybe Recommended

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