Light Novel Notes (March 2016)

(pictured: Bad End Night)
(pictured: Bad End Night)

It’s about time I put together another one of these posts! Let’s start by looking over what light novels we’ve got now.

Recent Releases

In January, we had five new releases! Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race (vol 3), Strike the Blood (vol 2), The Isolator (vol 2), Kagerou Daze (vol 3), and Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose – Catastrophe at Sixteen (vol 1).

Then in February, we had four more releases… Naruto: Shikamaru’s Story, Rising of the Shield Hero (vol 3), A Certain Magical Index (vol 6), and The Boy and the Beast.

Upcoming Releases

Actually, two of these have already come out! You can now pick up the novel Legend of the Galactic Heroes (volume 1, titled “Dawn”) as well as the twenty-third volume of Vampire Hunter D. Coming up on March 22nd though, we will get four more books to read: Log Horizon (vol 4), Accel World (vol 6), Durarara!! (vol 3), and No Game No Life (vol 4). Are you all keeping up with your favorite series? I’m already falling behind on them, but I’m working on it.

Note: Legend of the Galactic Heroes (vol 1) is available not only as a paperback, but also as an ebook and an audiobook.

Site News

  • Did you all catch Gee’s guest review of Spice and Wolf volume 16? Don’t forget, if you’re interested in submitting a review, feel free to check out the guidelines here and send me an email.
  • Look forward to a special feature coming up soon? This is one I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.

English Light Novel News

Genocidal Organ (anime film)
Genocidal Organ (anime film)

Japanese Light Novel News

The Familiar of Zero (vol 21)
The Familiar of Zero (vol 21)

sao surprise

Links to Recent Reviews and Articles

Volume 1
Volume 1

And that's all I have for now! Please feel free to post links to more light novel-related articles, and to share your thoughts on this feature or anything else for the site.

11 thoughts on “Light Novel Notes (March 2016)

  1. I’m not sure why you linked my personal top 10 from last year post, especially as only one bit of it had anything to do with light novels, but oh well. To clarify – that post is just my personal opinion, and contains things that I happened to start watching/reading last year.
    I haven’t actually bought any light novels that came out this year yet. Strange feeling, that. The Isolator was in Waterstones when I went in there today but I bought a couple of other things instead (including Kizumonogatari – or “Kizumonogotari” as it says on the receipt for some reason). Oh well, a big shopping trip should be just a month away and I’m sure I’ll pick up some of them then.

    1. I bought some more LNs at the bookstore recently, but this past month I’ve been reading some other titles I’ve long been meaning to get around to. Should have a few reviews lined up for later this month.
      The Isolator volume 2 is one I still need to pick up at some point. Which reminds me, I wonder if Kawahara’s works will get ebooks in English some time this year?

    1. No problem, Krystallina. I enjoyed Devil is a Part-Timer’s first volume as well, but I still need to pick up the volumes that have come out since then…

  2. I’ve been keeping up on SAO and SAO Progressive, Shield Hero, No Game and Log Horizon. I’ve read the first volume of a few others and read some one offs, but those are the ones I’m current with. Lots of reading to do! Reading a Boy and Beast adaptation now, which I like a lot and volume one of Strike the Blood which I find pretty bland.

    1. That’s a lot of books — hope most of them have been enjoyable for you so far. I’m curious to hear how well people like the novel for Boy and the Beast, as there’s been a lot of criticism for the film rushing certain aspects of the plot. Perhaps a book could fix up some of those issues.

      1. Yeah, I average a book a week and lately about half my reading is light novels and I enjoy the vast majority of them, they’re like comic books that take a lot longer to read and are a better value.

        I just finished Boy and the Beast, and am probably not the best person to ask about it as I loved the movie (saw it in the theater two weeks ago) and didn’t find there to be the narrative lapses that others have complained about. I actually rather liked how the movie condensed what could have been a season or two of a shonen anime elegantly into a two hour movie and did so in a way that had emotionally weight (IMO of course). So while the book did expand a bit on the characters and shine light on their thoughts and certain slight details, I didn’t really find it offered anything that was missing in the movie. That said, it was a good book and I quite enjoyed the experience of reading.

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