Light Novel Notes: Third Anniversary Edition

Happy third birthday to this site! It was May 5th of 2014 when I published the first posts for, which were five light novel entries and a news post about the announcement of the Yen On imprint. The site has grown a bit since then… (Fun fact: this is exactly the 400th post for… Read More Light Novel Notes: Third Anniversary Edition

Light Novel Notes (March 2016)

It’s about time I put together another one of these posts! Let’s start by looking over what light novels we’ve got now. Recent Releases In January, we had five new releases! Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race (vol 3), Strike the Blood (vol 2), The Isolator (vol 2), Kagerou Daze (vol 3), and Seraph of the End:… Read More Light Novel Notes (March 2016)