Light Novel Notes (March 2016)

It’s about time I put together another one of these posts! Let’s start by looking over what light novels we’ve got now. Recent Releases In January, we had five new releases! Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race (vol 3), Strike the Blood (vol 2), The Isolator (vol 2), Kagerou Daze (vol 3), and Seraph of the End:… Read More Light Novel Notes (March 2016)


English Title: Moribito Japanese Title: 守り人シリーズ — Moribito Series — “Guardian Series” Author: Nahoko Uehashi Illustrator: Makiko Futaki, Miho Satake, Yuko Shimizu Translator: Cathy Hirano Genre: Fantasy, Adventure Original Run: 1996 – 2012 English Run: 2008 – 2009 Volumes: 12 English Publisher: Scholastic Volumes Published in English: 2 (Discontinued) Average Price Per Volume: Paperback $8 — Hardcover $17 —… Read More Moribito