English Title: .hack//Cell
Japanese Title: .hack//CELL
Author: Ryo Suzukaze
Illustrator: Akira Mutsuki
Translator: Gemma Collinge
Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure, Fantasy
Original Run: 2005
English Run: 2010
Volumes: 2
English Publisher: Tokyopop
Volumes Published in English: 2 (COMPLETE)

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Synopsis: Average high-school student Midori Shinomura falls mysteriously ill. While she wastes away in a hospital, she learns of another Midori – a fighter of terrible skill in the online game known as The World. There is a strange and close connection between both Midori Shinomura and game-Midori. With the sanity of both girls on the line, game-Midori will try to solve the mysteries of her past, and perhaps save the real-world Midori in the process.

Volume 1
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Volume 2
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Note on the .hack chronology:
.hack//AI Buster (light novels) → .hack//SIGN (anime) → PS2 video games (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine)  â†’ .hack//Another Birth (light novels) → .hack//ZERO (light novels) → .hack//Legend of the Twilight (manga) → .hack//Roots (anime) → PS2 video games (G.U. Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption) → .hack//CELL (light novels) → .hack//Link (manga) → .hack//Quantum (anime)

More exhaustive explanations on the franchise can be found on TV Tropes and Wikipedia.

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