Top Ten Light Novel Covers (English Releases)

Light novel covers sometimes get a bad rap. Some LN series do admittedly just have an artwork of the lead heroine posing in front of a plain background, which–to me at least–isn’t particularly interesting. (Especially when it’s the same girl for every single volume…) But there are still plenty of light novels out that feature… Read More Top Ten Light Novel Covers (English Releases)

Review: Infinite Dendrogram (Vol 1)

For general information on this novel: Infinite Dendrogram entry This review is for the first volume of Infinite Dendrogram. This series is written by Sakon Kaidou and features illustrations by Taiki. The second volume released on August 29th, and will be followed by volume 3 on October 31st. So far there are five volumes for… Read More Review: Infinite Dendrogram (Vol 1)

Interview with LN Translator Andrew Hodgson (Steiner)

Have you been reading Infinite Dendrogram or In Another World with My Smartphone? Volume 4 of Smartphone released on August 11th, while the first volume of Dendrogram came out on July 10th. You won’t have to wait long for the next one though, as volume 2 will have its ebook release on August 29th. (Or… Read More Interview with LN Translator Andrew Hodgson (Steiner)

Summer Reading — Infinite Dendrogram

Today we'll discuss Infinite Dendrogram volume 1. Lots of spoilers in this post! I guess I’ll start off by admitting that this story probably just isn’t for me. How should I put it… I find the concept of a virtual reality world setting to be very intriguing, but I care quite little for MMO games… Read More Summer Reading — Infinite Dendrogram

Infinite Dendrogram

English Title: Infinite Dendrogram Japanese Title: インフィニット・デンドログラム — “Infinite Dendrogram” Author: Sakon Kaidou — 海道左近 Illustrator: Taiki — タイキ Translator: Andrew Hodgson, Nick Nomura Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Virtual Reality, MMO Isekai Original Run: October 2016 – ongoing English Run: July 2017 – ongoing Japanese Publisher: HJ Bunko (Hobby Japan) English Publisher: J-Novel Club Volumes in… Read More Infinite Dendrogram

Summer Reading Program: July and August 2017 Schedule

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, we will spend the rest of summer discussing the following novels: Magical Girl Raising Project -- by Asari Endou (with art by Marui-no) The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress -- by SOW (with art by ZAZA) Infinite Dendrogram -- by Sakon Kaidou (with art by Taiki) Akaoni: Contract with… Read More Summer Reading Program: July and August 2017 Schedule