Seven Seas Focuses on Light Novels with New Imprint: Airship

(LOS ANGELES, November 13, 2020) – Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce “Airship,” a new imprint dedicated to Seven Seas' ever-growing library of light novels and Japanese prose novels. The Airship imprint, like the existing Seven Seas Ghost Ship imprint that targets mature readers, will be aimed at a specific audience–in this case, light novel fans. Light novels, a popular format of prose novels with intermittent manga-style illustrations, have increasingly inspired manga and anime adaptations in Japan. The category has enjoyed a surge of popularity among teen and adult readers globally over the last decade, including Seven Seas light novel hits Classroom of the Elite, I'm in Love with the Villainess, and Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

“We've been publishing light novels from Japan since 2006, when there were only a handful in the North American market,” says Seven Seas publisher Jason DeAngelis. “But in the last several years, we've dramatically expanded, so that light novels now comprise about twenty-five percent of our yearly title list. We've also developed a successful digital-early program for our light novel titles. With all this growth, we're happy to give light novels the special attention they deserve in their own Airship imprint.”

Seven Seas will begin using its new Airship logo on novels and light novels debuting in January 2021, with backlist titles to be integrated over time. Fans can expect targeted initiatives and marketing for the imprint moving forward.

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Source: Seven Seas Press Release

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