Light Novel Series Debuting October, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the monthly look at the new light novel series making their debut this month, October, 2020.

I imagine the biggest excitement will be for the release of High School DxD. This was one of those titles (along with Date-A-Live) that was always begged for in any licensing comments sections. It’s already a popular manga and anime in the English market as well.

That said, there are other titles releasing this month that provide some nice variety. We have a yuri/otome/isekai title, a new detective series from Nisioisin and a dark, gritty fantasy, among others! So, let’s get into it!

First up is the detective series from Nisioisin. I confess, I’m cheating by including this title because it actually released at the end of September. But, since I neglected to include it then, I’m trying to make amends. Besides, it released right at the end of September, so close enough, right?

In any case, this is Vertical’s new Nisioisin focus series. They’re wrapping up the main story of the Monogatari series and who knows about Zaregoto, so hopefully this will satisfy your itch for quirky characters, dialogue, and a healthy dose of absurdity.

Pretty Boy Detective Club

From the renowed author NISIOISIN, the creator of BAKEMONOGATARI, Zaregoto Series and KATANAGATARI.
Comes a new, innovative mystery series, Pretty Boy Detectives Club!

Mayumi Dojima, a second-year student at the exclusive Yubiwa Academy middle school, has lost something – a star she glimpsed just once, ten long years ago. But help is on the way, in the form of the unofficial, secretive, and thoroughly mysterious Pretty Boy Detective Club! Rumored to solve problems within the school (most of which they themselves may well have created) for reasons aesthetic rather than financial, these five gorgeous boys sweep Mayumi into their world of excitement, danger, and overwhelming beauty. So begins the thrilling new mystery series from renowned author NISIOISIN!

Pretty Boy Detective Club Volume 1 -- The Dark Star That Shines for You Alone
Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository -- RightStufBAM!Indigo
Released September 29, 2020 -- ISBN-13: 978-1949980516

Next up is a digital pre-release from Seven Seas. Fantasy makes up a big chunk of the light novel market (even if we don’t include Isekai titles). And while many of those take the material seriously and often include a healthy dose of magic-using characters, this one decides to go for the funny side of things. Not only that, but our main character isn’t a magic user–he’s just got wicked powerful muscles!

Muscles are Better than Magic!

For ten years, Yuri has lived alone in the forest, training his muscles day and night to hone his body into the ultimate fighting machine. But when the beautiful elf Filia stumbles upon his home, she begs him to help her escape the forest. There's just one problem: Yuri's never left the woods, and besides, this odd couple can't seem to agree on anything. It's the beginning of a wacky journey through strange lands and stranger adventures!

Muscles are Better than Magic! Volume 1 (eBook)(Print releases January 5, 2021)
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Releasing October 1, 2020 -- ASIN: B08CS87BSG

This next title is from J-Novel Club. It’s a single volume release from the author of Sexiled. In this one, the main character finds herself reincarnated in her favorite otome game. But she’s not looking to hook-up with any of the guys. Nope, she has her sights set firmly on the villainess!

A Lily Blooms in Another World

Miyako Florence isn't sad when her fiancé breaks off their engagement after two years. It's all according to plan! Whisked to the world of her favorite otome game, Miyako frees herself from a dull noble to pursue her true soulmate: the game's villainess Fuuka Hamilton. Proud Fuuka only has eyes for their mutual ex-fiancé! Miyako confesses her love to Fuuka and proposes that they run away together. Fuuka agrees on one condition: Miyako must make her say “I'm happy” in 14 days. With conniving nobles, strange diseases, and magical rituals pulling them apart, can Miyako win the villainess's heart? A tentative bud blossoms in this twisting romance from the author of Sexiled!

A Lily Blooms in Another World (eBook)
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Releasing October 7, 2020 -- ASIN: B08CD4H7HK

Whelp, here it is, High School DxD, from Yen On. An urban fantasy series that has healthy doses of angels, demons, and oppai. Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, I’m pretty sure you’ve at least heard about it. Prepare for lots of magical battles and ecchi.

High School DxD

Most of Issei Hyoudou's perverted life has been filled with dreams about having a harem, so it's not a great sign when one of his dates ends with his murder! He's fortunate enough to be revived by a beautiful girl, but his luck ends after he discovers his school is filled to the brim with deadly angels and demons!

High School DxD Volume 1 
Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository -- RightStufBAM!Indigo
Released October 20, 2020 -- ISBN-13: 978-1975312251

Another new release from Yen On, this one is an isekai series. The synopsis sounds pretty cool and I’m loving the art!

In the Land of Leadale

The last thing she can remember is her life support beginning to fail. Her body had suffered terribly after a fateful accident and the only freedom left in her life came from the VR world of Leadale. How did she end up in a place that looks exactly like her game except that 200 years have apparently gone by?

In the Land of Leadale Volume 1 (paperback & eBook)
Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository -- RightStufBAM!Indigo
Releasing October 20, 2020 -- ISBN-13: 978-1975308681

The final new release from Yen On this month is a novel. I don’t have much to say about it because I think the synopsis tells you pretty much everything you need to know. I have heard from people who have read the manga of this one who say it is excellent!

Three Days of Happiness

In this dark, moody love story, college student Kusunoki decides to sell off the next thirty years of his life at a mysterious shop in exchange for money-and maybe a chance to find something worth living for.

Three Days of Happiness (paperback)
Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository -- RightStufBAM!Indigo
Releasing October 20, 2020 -- ISBN-13: 978-1975314217

Our final new release this month comes from Seven Seas. It is once again a digital advance release. This is the dark and gritty fantasy series I mentioned at the opening. To be honest, I wasn’t overly interested when the title was licensed, but the more I hear about this one, the more I find myself interested. It sounds like it could have a very interesting character journey. And a lot of brutal battles!

Berserk of Gluttony

A strikingly illustrated dark fantasy, in which a frail young man's terrible magic could lead him to ultimate power.

Fate Graphite has never tasted real power. Born with the magical skill Gluttony, he constantly hungers in a way that can't be satiated, and has been shunned and looked down upon his entire life. One day, while working as a gatekeeper for a noble family and fighting a trespassing thief, he discovers Gluttony's true power: when he kills someone, he devours their skills and feeds his gnawing hunger at last. In that grisly realization, Fate is awakened to his true potential. How many lives will he feed on to satisfy this hunger, and is the world ready for the frightening warrior he'll become?

Berserk of Gluttony Volume 1 (eBook)(paperback releases January 5, 2021)
Amazon -- iBook -- Kobo -- Google Play -- Bookwalker
Releasing October 29, 2020 -- ASIN: B08JC4X4R2

So, those are all the new light novel series making their debut during the month of October, 2020. What are your thoughts? Which of these titles are a must-buy? And are there any titles here you didn’t know about but are now curious to find out more? Let me know in the comments!

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