Summer Reading 2019 — How Was July?

How is your LN summer reading going this year? Keeping up with your goals?

Hopefully you're all doing better than I am… Oh, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I said the same thing last time. To be honest July was kind of the worst month ever for me for having any time to read light novels, and apparently August has been really hectic too since I’m only just now getting to this post. (On the plus side, I did catch up on a ton of LN entry updates… so there’s that at least…)

I’ll leave it to all of you to share your thoughts on the books you've been reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on any and all LNs you read in July, so please leave a comment. :)

2 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2019 — How Was July?

  1. well i think it was a good month. i kept my 2 LN a week schedule, more like 2 volume a week since i’v only read The Devil is a Part-Timer!. Right now i only need to start vol 13 and finally catch up to Yen On release.
    I am still having mixed feeling about this LN, about the excessive detail and how the author keep making thing more complicated, man 13 volume and we still don’t know the full truth and intention about the string puller. but in the same time after reading all the 12 volume i kinda appreciate that the author is putting a good effort to make a good original story (not copy past with little change like the other LN) and how he made a good world building etc….
    Overall what i have to say about this LN start slow, event appear to be not linked together:
    at least for vol 1 to 5 with 4 and 5 we get a few hint, they follow the same recipe (the volume start with slice-of-life then a middle part that link between the slice of life and what will happen next then you get the part where the antagonist of the volume appear and how the MC dealt with it) i hated this recipe at first but i came to appreciate it later on.
    vol 6 a little bit more hint and mostly about Chiho (which is a character i hate, or more like i came to hate how the author use her in variant situation and event)
    vol 7 short story (actually they are good i recommend not skipping the volume because one of the enjoyment of this LN is the slice-of-life, comedy which this volume deliver)
    vol 8 to 10 i will call them the reward for sticking with this LN, i can’t say more about them i may spoil, only the previous volumes all link together and you start to appreciate them.
    vol 11 and 12 more revelation and backstory, again not the full truth behind the string puller

    again i don’t recommend dropping this The Devil is a Part-timer! from the first volumes (whether because the story or characters) give it more volume and certainly you will reach a volume where you appreciate this LN, for me it was volume 5 and 8. (and the character part, believe me a lot of annoying character or all the character in general through the volumes and events start to change, their personality change)
    in the end The Devil is a Part-timer! is a LN that i’m sure that i will keep reading till the end, hope the author after all this building and complicated stuff don’t disappoint me)

    1. Two volumes a week! That will certainly get you caught up on a series. And Devil is a Part-Timer sounds like a great series to dive into. I’m still meaning to read more of it. I think I’d agree that the pacing is a bit too middling, and wouldn’t be surprised if the overarching long-term plot takes too long to answer questions. The writing itself seems really strong though, and the humor is always on point.

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