Cross Infinite World: Little Princess in Fairy Forest

Little Princess in Fairy Forest

Cross Infinite World has announced a license for the standalone light novel Little Princess in Fairy Forest. It was written by Tsubaki Tokino, and illustrated by Takashi Konno. In Japan it was titled Otogi no Mori Youjo Hime, and released in April 2017. I believe this is Cross Infinite World’s first license for a book that has been published in Japan, rather than a translated and updated release of a Japanese web novel. It was published by Hakkou Shuppan's White Books label.

The ebook for Little Princess in Fairy Forest is planned to release on May 31, 2018. It is already available for preorder on Amazon.

Little Princess in Fairy Forest

Synopsis: Little Princess in Fairy Forest is a breathtaking saga of a young princess, Lala, who must fight for her very existence with the last of her royal knights, Gideon Thorn. Her pursuer, the tyrannical Lord Designs Siegfried, will stop at nothing to wed Princess Lala and legitimize his reign--he’s already massacred the rest of the royal family. 

Princess Lala and Gideon are doggedly pursued even as they flee into the Forbidden Forest, a land relegated to myth and legend because of dragons--the mortal enemies of knights. Join Lala and Gideon as they flee for their lives in an attempt to survive the traitor’s deadly machinations. Gideon is willing to do anything to protect his princess, even if it means engaging the mighty dragons in combat.

You can find more artwork by Takashi Konno on the illustrator’s Tumblr and website. Lots of great drawings! The cover for Little Princess is very eye-catching.

I had more trouble finding information on Tsubaki Tokino, Hakkou Shuppan, and the White Books label, but Kastel was able to help me there. It sounds like the publisher is primarily focused on religious self-help books, and Little Princess might be their first novel under the White Books label. (The novel is おとぎの森の幼女姫 in Japanese.)

As for the author, this looks like her website. Tokino has written a number of BL (boys’ love) novels, as well as some adult visual novels. I get the impression Little Princess is a unique story for the author, which is described as a work inspired by classic fairy tales.

All in all, a rather unique novel license to look forward to. Cross Infinite World will also be digitally releasing Mia and the Forbidden Medicine Report on April 30th, and The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil at an unspecified date this year.

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