Light Novel Notes (October 2016 — Round 2)

(pictured: Spice and Wolf)
(pictured: Spice and Wolf)

I feel a bit swamped lately, what with all these light novel shenanigans. But there’s still loads more to look forward to before this month is over!

First, a quick recap of upcoming releases:

The Tokyo Ghoul novel releases October 18th. After that, DanMachi: Sword Oratoria vol 1, Psycome vol 2, and SAO Progressive vol 4 all release on October 25th! Lots of scary stories in time for Halloween.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s going to be another Naruto novel out on November 1st, followed by the next Seraph of the End omnibus on November 8th.

Site News

  • More reviews coming up… (Some of which might be of the ~spo0oky~ variety?)
  • Also, a nice new feature article…
  • And the first editorial for My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected. Hopefully in time for Halloween?!


English Light Novel News

Yen Press announced some good news for Spice and Wolf fans at a panel for Isuna Hasekura (the author of Spice and Wolf) at the New York Comic Convention. More spice! And more wolf? In 2017, Yen Press will publish the following in English:

  • Spice and Wolf volume 18 (“Spring Log”) — a collection of short stories that were serialized in Dengeki Bunko Magazine
  • Spice and Wolf: New Theory volume 1 (“Parchment and Wolf”) — the start for a sequel series
  • Also, the first seventeen volumes of Spice and Wolf will all be releasing as ebooks! So those of you with a Kindle or Nook and not a lot of shelf space can jump in on this series soon. Maybe I will too… It’s not like I’ve already got a massive backlog to read through, hee hee?

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3 thoughts on “Light Novel Notes (October 2016 — Round 2)

  1. Looking ahead I realized that with all the e-editions coming out from J-Novel in addition to what’s already listed here- December 2016 should easily be the biggest month for English Light Novels by a large margin!

    1. Yes, it’s going to be a huge month!
      I’ll be sure to update the sidebar and preorder page accordingly… And add all those new LN entries… (sweats nervously)

  2. Thanks for linking to my article! I’m happy to hear that Yen Press will begin to release Spice and Wolf in e-book format and that they will begin publishing the sequel.

    Seraph of the End light novels are coming out? I’ll have to put them on my reading list.

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