Open Forum: My Youth Romantic Comedy (Vol 1)

My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected
My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected

Welcome to the open forum for volume 1 of My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected! Or Oregairu for short. For all who wish to participate, it’s about time to pick up a copy of this light novel (release date: September 27).

What is My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected?

Volume 1
Volume 1

Synopsis: Hachiman Hikigaya is a cynic. “Youth” is a crock, he believes–a sucker’s game, an illusion woven from failure and hypocrisy. But when he turns in an essay for a school assignment espousing this view, he’s sentenced to work in the Service Club, an organization dedicated to helping students with problems in their lives! How will Hachiman the Cynic cope with a job that requires–gasp!–optimism?

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Okay, I have the book. Now what?

Once you’ve got your hands on the book, start reading it. And as you read it, feel free to leave any comments you have here–and respond to other comments. You can talk about whatever you want, so long as it’s related to this volume. So comments can include:

  • Things you like or dislike about the story
  • Predictions for what happens next
  • Remarks on characters, themes, etc
  • Thoughts on the writing in general
  • Favorite quotes you want to share
  • Fan art, fan fiction, poetry, memes… anything really

Regarding spoilers: People will read at different speeds, and the main idea behind this open forum is to encourage people to comment whenever they wish. So feel free to talk about anything that happens in the volume, but maybe give a warning if you’re going to discuss a big plot twist or something.

(Also, if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga, try to keep your comments related to just the story in this volume. Thanks!)

Anyways, in about a month there will be a big feature post for this volume, in which Frog-kun, Melody, and yours truly will have an editorial put together. So look forward to that, but in the meantime you can share any thoughts you have on the volume here as you read it.

12 thoughts on “Open Forum: My Youth Romantic Comedy (Vol 1)

  1. Read the first chapter tonight, the relentlessly cynical main character is a little much early on, but I can see where the story could turn into solid comedy. I really like the teacher constantly spouting 90s manga and anime references. The club girl’s “save people” hook is interesting enough and I’m interested in finding out why she’s in the club (as I assume he teacher is forcing her to be a member too)

  2. Read second and third chapters now and it’s getting funnier. It’s a fun book at this point and I like how Yukino’s high standards for herself manage to give her unrealistic expectations for other people.

    So far it’s all pretty surface as a book, but it’s a light novel so that’s expected. It’s fun that they are publishing something that isn’t action/adventure.

  3. Read the fourth and fifth chapters today, in between a lot of work on a busy Friday. I like the more and more, the series definitely is getting better as more characters are introduced. If it keeps up like this I’ll probably keep buying this series. The nerdy writer kid is pretty funny.

  4. Finished it tonight and liked how it developed quite a bit. The tennis match was a great scene and I like how it built up from to be both action and ideology. The book has elements of the far darker (and much funnier) Welcome to the NHK, but here it’s all played lighter and it’s more a story about a teen aged outsider who is figuring it out and NHK was about genuine depression that won’t go away.

    I’ll definitely keep picking this up. The translation seemed quite smooth to me, the humor solid and the main characters compelling.

  5. I’ve always loved the dynamic between Hachiman and Yukino from the later volumes and the anime adaptation. And going back to their roots in volume 1 feels really nostalgic. Even when they’re insulting each other back and forth, there appears to be firm bond between them, as Yui pointed out a couple of chapters in.

    1. I don’t know what comes next so I can’t speak to that but yeah I totally agree about their dynamic. They seem to have the same basic belief about people and the world but view how to deal with that core belief in diametrically opposed manners. That is, I suspect what gives them the bond.

  6. Just started reading this today. I read the first volume of the manga and thought it was pretty fun read, but didn’t laugh too much. I was hearing a lot on Twitter about people loving this LN so I gave it a try. Only read a little but in the first couple pages already had a few laughs. Could be my mood though (I laugh more when I have something to be anxious about, which is the case today but I don’t think was when I read the manga.) Anyways, can’t wait to read more.

  7. *SPOILER* It’s the little things that made me think it’s clever. Like how Yukino berates Yoshiteru for having a girl in his book take off her clothes for no apparent reason. He states it has to be there for the book to sell. She says that’s fine, but it made no sense in the story. So what happens near the end, the two main girls are partially undressed, but it ties directly into what was happening in the story. It’s that self awareness that made it more than just an average rom-com to me. Very hopeful the series will continue to be good.

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