Cross Infinite World, My Favorite Song, and The Violet Knight

(pictured: My Favorite Song - The Silver Siren)
(pictured: My Favorite Song – The Silver Siren)

Cho: Today we have a guest post from Charis Messier, the lead translator from Cross Infinite World. This is a localization company that has recently released their first Japanese novel into English: My Favorite Song – The Silver Siren. (The first volume is already available now in ebook formats.) Since this is a new and interesting development for light novels in English, I thought it’d be fun to share the full scoop on the company. Below you’ll learn about their new book, as well as another soon-to-release series!


Charis Messier: Here is a little bit of information about Cross Infinite World and our current series.

Our current series, My Favorite Song and The Violet Knight, are both long-running Web Novels in Japan (10 years for MFS and 8 years for VK). Although the original work is a Web Novel, when we license a title we work directly with the authors to enhance their story in Japanese in preparation for a Light Novel release in English. This includes finding and repairing any errors in the original Japanese story. The process also entails commissioning new art for the cover, character page, and selected scenes throughout the novels. Readers may notice some differences between the original Japanese Web Novel and the English Light Novel, as the translation comes from the newly edited manuscript with additional scenes. In general, most Light Novels that get licensed in English by other companies are typically Web Novels that were picked up and enhanced for a Japanese Light Novel release by a Japanese publisher beforehand. Our method makes the overall localization and publishing process take longer, but we certainly enjoy working directly with authors and artists to make their works the best they can be, while bringing over titles that would never be seen in English otherwise. Essentially, Cross Infinite World plays the role of both Japanese publisher and English localizer. At the moment, we are also concentrating predominately on titles from the highly overlooked Shoujo and Josei genres.

Here is some more information on our first two series.

You can find the Web Novel for our first Light Novel series, My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~, on the author's website:

Volume 1 of the Light Novel covers the first two arcs of the Web Novel. It should also be noted the Light Novel version has had a complete rewrite of the final half of the Web Novel's second arc.

The second volume of the Light Novel will cover the Web Novel's third and fourth arcs.

We don't have a date set for Volume 2 just yet, as we are currently waiting for the editing department and author to finish making edits on the Japanese version.

We will release the information on our website and social media accounts as soon as we have the date set.

Volume 1
Volume 1

The following is the English Synopsis for My Favorite Song ~The Silver Siren~:

“In the land of Reveur there exists a legend of the Silver Siren--a monstrous being who with words alone can topple entire civilizations. People have long learned the legend, to fear those with silver hair, and to flee from those who dare mutter the words of Song!

Meet Kanon, a shy everyday high school student preparing for her graduation with a final tour of her school. Singing a mysterious sheet music she found in the school music room sends her to a fantastic alternate world of adventure, cursed Sorcerers, war-torn lands, monsters, and skilled mercenaries. But she soon learns that in this strange new world of magic and swordplay, she is perhaps the greatest threat of all. Will Kanon survive in this fantasy world where people view her as a nightmare made reality? Let the Song begin, for nothing else will save her…!”

Our second Light Novel series, The Violet Knight, goes by 「紫の瞳」 (Murasaki no Hitomi) for the Web Novel.

The title was changed to 「紫の騎士」 (Murasaki no Kishi) by the author for the Light Novel series.

You can find the original ongoing Web Novel here:

Volume 1 will cover up to chapter 42 of the main story, and is planned for release in early September 2016.

We should have the cover up by next weekend.

The following is the English Synopsis for The Violet Knight :

“Yuki was just your average high school girl--that is, if you consider having violet eyes and not aging a day since her tenth birthday as average. The day before her university entrance ceremony, Yuki's father tells her he's from another world, before throwing her off their condo's balcony on the 14th floor. The next thing she knows she's rescued by the handsome Fourth Prince of Adolunde, forced to make a contract with him, and has to travel to the frontlines of a war she knows nothing about to keep out of reach of the psychopathic First Prince of Adolunde who will go to any lengths to sacrifice her as the Legendary Witch she resembles because of her violet eyes. What will happen to Yuki? Will she revert to her true age and return home? Or will Adolunde's first prince burn her at the stake first?”

While both My Favorite Song and The Violet Knight deal with the Cross World genre, they are drastically different works.

My Favorite Song is more lighthearted and focuses on the fun adventure and travel aspects in a fantasy world, while The Violet Knight paints a darker and more realistic fantasy world.  

We plan on announcing more licensed titles later this year, so follow us on our official Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr for regular updates!


Cho: Thanks for sharing with us, Charis Messier!

Cross Infinite World has also agreed to share a copy of My Favorite Song: The Silver Siren, so we’ll be hosting a giveaway. To enter, simply leave a comment below expressing your interest. If you are the winner (as determined by a random number generator), I will respond to your comment here to let you know. You can then email me your email address, and then you can can receive your ebook.

The contest deadline will be 23:59 on Saturday, June 25th. Be sure to enter by then if you're interested in this light novel!

* * * *

UPDATE: And the contest is finished! The winner of the drawing is atlasinthenightsky, who will receive volume 1 of My Favorite Song: The Silver Siren. If the opportunity arises, I will be sure to have more contests for light novels in the future! Thanks to everyone who participated in this one.

Also worth noting, we now have more information on The Violet Knight here, as well as a preorder page for its first volume on Amazon. Keep an eye out for that release on September 12th!

Volume 1
Volume 1

25 thoughts on “Cross Infinite World, My Favorite Song, and The Violet Knight

  1. This sounds so great! I love that there’s more light novels coming West. It really opens up anime and manga fans to a different way to enjoy Japanese fantasy and fiction. My Favorite Song is a light novel I am very eager to read, and something I think is great to have in the West. Very eager to see more come our way soon!

  2. I also agree with meganeburhapsody. It is wonderful that more light novels are coming to the West. My Favorite Song sounds like a great read and look forward to reading it.

    1. I read a bit of the sample for the ebook on my Nook, and boy, I’m excited about reading further. It seems like another solid release of lns for 2016: I definitely recommend diving right in. Funny thing, it reminded me a bit of the PSP game Trails in the Sky, mixed with some elements of the Tales of Series. If you like things like that, then I truly think you’ll enjoy this title!

  3. More light novels being published in English is a good thing (although no good for my money). I haven’t heard of favorite song yet, but I thing it’ll be interesting!
    P.S.: I’m also interested in the giveaway ;)

  4. “At the moment, we are also concentrating predominately on titles from the highly overlooked Shoujo and Josei genres.”

    Yay! I have high hopes for some neat titles.

  5. What caught my attention the most is not the process or the genres they are working on but this very simple yet powerful sentence “……, while bringing over titles that would never be seen in English otherwise.”
    Exactly!! If the English light novels future lacked one thing then this is definitely it!! An equal CHANCE for all light novels out there to get an english publication! For someone out there to be interested in such a thing, that really is a splendid opportunity that is surely to please people who love reading unique and different types of things but couldn’t due to the fact that a lot of these “things” are underrated. This, more than anything, gives readers HOPE!!
    To be successful these days you need to come up with something new. This definitely passes the test!!
    I’m looking forward to what new titles this will bring us in the future!!!

    1. So maybe there’s a chance that one day the light novel with the super long title will be released. Or maybe one of those one shots found on baka tsuki.

    2. It would be nice if more and more start to come over. There are several light novels I would love to read, but the fan translations have been dropped or never really took off.

  6. Ahh! Saw your tweet about them the other day, so I decided to check them out then! I also read the preview for MFS, which was great! (and pretty generous) I just hope that one day we’ll get some print releases!

  7. Oh wow, it’s really exciting to see a publisher bringing shojo and josei light novels out in English! There’s so few female-oriented light novels officially published in English, digital only or otherwise, that I will definitely be supporting the publisher by picking up both volumes (on Amazon UK by the looks of the conversation above). Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Wow finally some shoujo novels :D
    I wanted it as a physical copy though but ebook is not bad too.
    The second one interests me more but i plan on giving bith a try.
    P.S.: i’m interested in the giveaway too :3

  9. Of course once we get a shoujo and a josei title they are “EBOOK ONLY!” I get a feeling that women are getting slighted at every chance as Idea Factory never released Amnesia in a physical format despite all their Neptunia stuff getting one.
    Also I’m not paying $8.99 for an ebook. Way over priced. Hopefully they’ll make some print versions.

    1. I think that considering that this is a small market in the West, it’s a good deal. Hopefully, us showing support will encourage physical releases, as light novel companies and imprints are steadily warming to the audience, and giving us the physical goods.

      Also, I think that Neptunia’s very self-mocking style was really a hit in the West, though I’m much more a fan of visual novels in the line of Amnesia. It’s definitely a shame when your only option is digital. Hopefully, things will change.

  10. I prefer ebooks and think it’s a shame when there is no ebook option, but I also think there should be a physical option for those who prefer actual books. Don’t get me wrong I love physical books and enjoy reading them, but due to my eye sight I can only read so much from a physical book before I have to put it down. Ebooks allow me to go longer and increase the font size to make it easier for me to read. I have lately bought most of my light novels on ebook. I also love being able to carry multiple books with me without having to carry one more thing.

  11. Also it looks like they are picking up shounen manga series (Little Hero) and trying to pass off it’s moe-ness as “shoujo”. I really wish they would not do this and just admit they licensed a shounen series, thus breaking their focus ONLY on shoujo/josei. Rather than making them look like they have no idea how the categories of shounen and shioujo even work.

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