Four More Light Novels Released (March 2016)

(pictured: No Game No Life)
(pictured: No Game No Life)

Four light novels were released today on March 22nd:

Log Horizon volume 4 (paperback)
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Accel World volume 6 (paperback)
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Durarara!! volume 3 (paperback, ebook)
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No Game No Life volume 4 (paperback, ebook)
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Log Horizon volume 4 Synopsis:
The stronghold of Akiba faces a new threat: a mighty goblin army! In their efforts to rebuild the city, the adventurers of Elder Tales had neglected important quests, and now they reap the consequences. With the revelation that in-game death leads to memory loss of the real world, the stakes have never been higher. And will cutthroat politics destroy tenuous new alliances before the real battle even begins?

Accel World volume 6 Synopsis:
The silver wings responsible for the rise of Nega Nebulus, the legion led by Kuroyukihime, are weakening! During the battle with the mysterious Acceleration Research Society, Haruyuki sustained corrosion damage from the revived Chrome Disaster, and he has still been unable to escape its effects. The Seven Kings of Pure Color take this very seriously, and soon they hand down their judgement: purification. Now Haruyuki is faced with a choice–undergo the grueling purification process, or have a bounty on his head and risk being cast out of the Accelerated World altogether!

Durarara!! volume 3 Synopsis:
“Could you kill someone? Working as an information broker in Shinjuku, just toying with all those people… But could you, Izaya Orihara, kill someone? Directly, by your own hand? Not stabbing someone with your knife just right to keep them from dying while you keep dodging the question, I mean. Well, whatever… In the end, you’re the kind of guy who uses other people to do your dirty work. You’re hilariously cowardly.” Tokyo, Ikebukuro. Loads of baggage from the past are starting to turn up: A boss trying to escape the past. A pair of high school girls with consciences. A boy unaware of his friend’s feelings for him. A man planning a takeover. A boy who uses information to manipulate others. And a headless rider on a pitch-black motorcycle–all headed on a collision course that will decide who will overcome their past and who will become nothing more than a memory…

No Game No Life volume 4 Synopsis:
Having been transported to the world of Disboard, where everything is decided by games, Sora and Shiro (who together form the unstoppable gamer team ” “) are still winning. They’ve racked up an unbroken string of victories against opponents armed with all manner of magic and treachery. As the pair enjoy a well-deserved vacation in the Eastern Union, they’re approached by a Dhampir named Plum. Sora and Shiro prepare for battle, but this game is one of the very few they haven’t beaten and mastered–the game of love!

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  1. I just wanted to say that your blog is the single most comprehensive list of US light novel releases that I know of. Thank you for all your hard work. :)

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