Five New Light Novels Released (January 2016)

(pictured: Seraph of the End)
(pictured: Seraph of the End)

Five new light novels were released in English this January. I will get around to updating the entries for them shortly, but here’s a quick overview for now at least:

Note that for the Seraph of the End release, it includes both volume 1 and 2 of the series from Japan.

Pandora Hearts: Caucus Race volume 3 Synopsis:
Caucus race. It may be an endless race, but the runners carry on for the “hope” that lies just ahead. If they do so, then surely…… The secrets housed by the four great dukedoms of PandoraHearts spill forth with abandon in the four Jun Mochizuki-illustrated fairy tales contained herein…

Strike the Blood volume 2 Synopsis:
Akatsuki (an ordinary high school boy and incidentally the world’s mightiest vampire) is finally getting used to daily life with Yukina Himeragi, the attack mage whose job it is to observe him. But his peaceful life is interrupted by the appearance of Dimitrie Vattler, an envoy from the European primogenitor known as the “Lost Warlord.” Vattler’s enough of a problem, but it turns out he’s got his own watcher, who’s friends with Yukina–and who wants Kojou dead. Worse, their arrival is only the prelude to the emergence of a dark conspiracy that threatens the entirety of Itogami Island!

The Isolator volume 2 Synopsis:
An alien parasite living inside of Minoru Utsugi gives him the power of Isolation–an unbreakable shield that surrounds his body. With this power, he’s managed to defeat an evil Ruby Eye. Having done so, he’s invited by the Accelerator–a girl named Yumiko–to join a mysterious organization whose goal is to defend humanity from the threat of the Ruby Eyes. Minoru agrees to join, with one condition: Once he has fulfilled his duty, the syndicate will erase all memory of his existence from the world–for Minoru seeks a world without any knowledge of him, a world of total and perfect isolation.

Kagerou Daze volume 3 Synopsis:
The past is never really gone. On a certain summer day, a certain boy and girl meet. What is it that lurks behind the strange experience they chance to have? What is the link that connects all of this? The truth is finally coming to light, but can the Mekakushi-dan, armed with only their eyes, solve the riddle? The third novel from Internet phenomenon and multimedia creator JIN is here!

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose volume 1 Synopsis:
The apocalypse is not only near, but a certainty. Set before the event and the aftermath detailed by the hit manga, this stand-alone prequel light novel series chronicles the inexorable approach of the reign of vampires. Witness the trials of Guren Ichi­nose, who must hide his true strength even as he is trampled on at an academy for the insufferably privileged.

2 thoughts on “Five New Light Novels Released (January 2016)

  1. I have to say…. I really like that water colory picture of Seraph. I’m very surprised The Isolator has not been made into an anime yet. Maybe not enough volumes? I don’t keep up with mangas too much as you can tell.

    1. The artwork for Seraph is very nice.

      The Isolator (which is just novels, not a manga) only has two volumes released so chances are they’ll want to wait a bit before adapting it into an anime. Kawahara is writing at least a couple other popular series though, so it may take some time.

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