News: Light Novel Notes (November 2015)

(pictured: Full Metal Panic)
(pictured: Full Metal Panic)

I’m really late for this month’s post! Things have been rather busy for me lately, but I think the rest of this month will fare better. Let’s start by taking a look at last month’s releases, and the light novels that are set for November.

Recent Releases

Rising of the Shield Hero (vol 2), No Game No Life (vol 3), and Sword Art Online: Progressive (vol 3) all released in October! And then last week, the first epilogue novel for the Naruto franchise was released–this one is titled Kakashi’s Story.

I still need to make an entry for it, so for now here are links for where you can pick up Naruto: Kakashi’s Story online. (Amazon -- Barnes and Noble -- Book Depository) Note: It is available both in paperback and in ebook format (Kindle, Nook).

Upcoming Releases

On November 17th, the following light novels will release in English: Log Horizon (vol 3), Accel World (vol 5), Durarara!! (vol 2), and A Certain Magical Index (vol 5). That’s coming up quick.

Site News

  • This time, I promise to get caught up on my reviews, ha ha.
  • There might be another interview this month? Maybe even two…

English Light Novel News

  • A new Sword Art Online video game will release in English this month–this one is titled Sword Art Online: Lost Song, and will release on the PS Vita and the Playstation 4. Watch for this one on November 13th in Europe, and November 17th in North America.

Japanese Light Novel News

Kibaou demands a recount
Kibaou demands a recount
  • The results are in for a Sword Art Online character poll, and sadly Kibaou did not win. As such, he will not get to be front and center on an art book cover.
  • The winner of the Kyoto Animation Award for the novel category for 2014 was Violet Evergarden, the first volume of which will release in Japan this Christmas.
  • The Ambition of Oda Nobuna light novel series has gotten a re-release in Japan, complete with new covers.

fmp anime sequel

  • Remember Full Metal Panic? It looks like the light novel series will be getting a new anime adaptation, much to the pleasant surprise of its fans.

Links to Recent Reviews and Articles

And that's all I have for now! Please feel free to post links to more light novel-related articles, and to share your thoughts on this feature or anything else for the site.

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  1. “The Ambition of Oda Nobuna light novel series will be getting a re-release in Japan, complete with new covers.” – I think you need to change the tense of this. They came out in September.

    1. No problem! I really like your video reviews; they’re concise and do a good job getting across what you like and dislike about each volume.

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