News: Light Novel Articles (April 2015)

(pictured: Kieli)
(pictured: Kieli)

How is spring going for everyone? It’s time for a monthly roundup of light novel posts I’ve found–mostly reviews for now:

And one last piece of news… This May will mark the one-year anniversary for this website! Maybe I’ll come up with something fun to celebrate? (Feel free to give me ideas.)

4 thoughts on “News: Light Novel Articles (April 2015)

  1. Wow, never heard of Kieli before even though I actually searched somewhat for other English titles to pick up. There really needs to be more advertisement for light novels.

  2. I saw the ping back. Thank you! You have a great site here for light novel resources! I will be referring here lots. I don’t typically read light novels but found myself recently sinking into them.

    1. Thanks, ravenousbiblioworm! There are more light novels in English than most are aware of, so I think there’s something for most anyone at this point. Fans of YA especially should find picking up a light novel or two nice for a change of pace–they typically work with a different style and setting than English readers will be used to.

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