Review: High Speed (Vol 2)

Following my review for the first book, I’m continuing with the direct sequel High Speed! 2. This review will once again use the fan translation├é┬ádone by Nanowave Translations. You can buy a copy of the Japanese novel online: -- Books Kinokuniya Written by Kouji Ohji in 2013, the main story within this book was… Read More Review: High Speed (Vol 2)

Review: High Speed (Vol 1)

In the lead up to the third season this summer, I decided to check out the fan translation for Kouji Ohji’s High Speed novel–the prequel to Kyoto Animation’s hit franchise Free! Originally written and submitted for the 2011 Kyoto Animation Awards, it subsequently won second place in the novel category and received an honorable mention.… Read More Review: High Speed (Vol 1)