Review: Danganronpa/Zero (Vol 1-2)

ダンガンロンパ/ゼロ — Dangan Ronpa / Zero Author: Kazutaka Kodaka — Artist: Rui Komatsuzaki Volume 1: — Books Kinokuniya — YesAsia Volume 2: — Books Kinokuniya — YesAsia The fan translation (by steampunktietime and revolutionpotato): Tumblr link MAL Entry — Forum (Note: This site’s central focus is on light novels officially translated and published in… Read More Review: Danganronpa/Zero (Vol 1-2)

News: Light Novel Articles (November 2014)

A new month, a new batch of links to various light novel posts: On the blog titled 遊戯の境界, xelns reminds me–now that I’ve finished the two Dangan Ronpa VN games, I ought to take a look at the prequel light novels for Dangan Ronpa Zero. Otakutwins Reviews gives a quick light novel suggestion: Book Girl… Read More News: Light Novel Articles (November 2014)