Kodansha Books Announces New Licenses

Kodansha had their monthly news update and it included a number of new licenses. These are all currently slated for release in Fall 2022. Interestingly, there are a number of Isekai titles. Kodansha has thus far stuck with more literary light novels (almost Nisioisin exclusively) so this seems to be a bit of a break from that.

Hell in a Bottle (Novel)

By Story by Kyusaku Yumeno,
Art by Honojiro Towoji

A children's Eden on a deserted island turns to hell, as a brother and sister face the ultimate temptation… Told in epistolary form, this bizarre short story takes on themes of faith, degradation, and transgression, accompanied by stunning original artwork. 

Classic short stories by literary giants paired with modern illustrators to create a beautiful artbook.

The Moon Over the Mountain (Novel)

Written by Atsushi Nakajima,
Art by Nekosuke

This mystical tale of a man transformed into a tiger is rooted in a story dating from the Tang dynasty, but feels totally immediate thanks to Nakajima's masterful adaptation and Nekosuke's gorgeous original art. At once lyrical and philosophical, Nakajima's story is a timeless classic now made available to contemporary audiences thanks to the Maiden's Bookshelf series.

Classic short stories by literary giants paired with modern illustrators to create a beautiful artbook.

Am I Actually the Strongest? (Novel)

Story by Sai Sumimori,
Art by Ai Takahashi

To be reincarnated into another world with the promise of a “cheat” power is one thing… but to be reborn as a baby, and then left for dead after your royal parents think you're powerless?? That's another thing entirely! Now the newly-born Reinhart--or Hart to his new friends--must find his way through a dangerous world…but luckily he's got magic that's quite literally off the charts!

My Unique Skill Makes Me OP even at Level 1 (Novel)

Story by Nazuna Miki, Art by Subachi

Ryota Sato gets the surprise of his life when he's suddenly transported into another world and nearly clobbered at the hands of the young, pretty adventurer Emily Brown. This new world revolves around defeating monsters and profiting off whatever they drop--food, money, items, and more. Unfortunately for Ryota, he has no skills to speak of…until he learns he has otherworldly drop luck that brings him never-before-seen items! Suddenly his luck turns around…or does it?

As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I'll Use My Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World (Novel)

Story by Miraijin A, Art by jimmy

After thirty-five years of perfectly ordinary life, a run-of-the-mill businessman suddenly drops dead…only to be reborn in another world! Now he must live as Ars Louvent, scion of a minor noble family and wielder of a fabulous skill: Appraisal, the power to perceive the strengths and abilities of others at a glance.

He'll need it, too, because there are plenty of problems to solve in the Louvent family's territory! Ars only has one choice: recruit the most talented individuals his skill can find, and rise up to new heights in his brand new world!

The Dawn of the Witch (Novel)

Story by Kakeru Kobashiri, Art by Takashi Iwasaki,
Characters by Yoshinori Shizuma

Saybil is a magic student with no memories of his life before he met a mysterious silver-haired woman in an alley. Now he travels with his teacher, Loux, another student named Holt, and the beastfallen Kudo for “special training”… but this field trip may not be as routine as it seems! This sequel to the popular Grimoire of Zero series introduces new settings and protagonists, while retaining the thrilling action, detailed world-building, and emotional resonance of its predecessor. Forthcoming anime from Tezuka Productions! 

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