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Today on their Twitch stream, Tentai Books announced their latest acquisition, Turning the Tables on the Seatmate Killer (隣の席になった美少女が惚れさせようとからかってくるがいつの間にか返り討ちにしていた or Tonari no Seki ni Natta Bishoujo ga Horesaseyou to Karakatte Kuru ga Itsunomanika Kaeriuchi ni Shite Ita). The series is written by Aresanzui with illustrations by Sabamizore. There are currently 3 volumes available in Japan.

Turning the Tables on the Seatmate Killer Volume 1

Novel Updates gives this synopsis of the story…

She is someone with the nickname “Seatmate Killer”, and also one of the prettiest girl in the school. Every male student that became her seatmate has confessed to her, and all of them got rejected brutally. The one who became her new seatmate, the seat beings located the furthest away from the front and beside one of the windows, thus being a godly seat that will make every male student jealous, is Narito Yuuki. He is someone that generally you won't notice at all. The entire class thought that he will fall for her in a short time, but that may not be the case…

This appears to be the author’s first published series, while the artist has contributed to other slice of life light novels such as I Kissed My Girlfriend’s Little Sister which appeared on the most recent Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi.

When ordering links become available, we will add them to the Preorders page and also the entry page when it goes live.

One thought on “Tentai Books Licenses Turning the Tables on the Seatmate Killer

  1. Wow this seems quite nice, I’m glad tentai books is following through on getting us more romance slice of life series, the synopsis reminds me of “Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner Like Me during Lunch Break?” And that series is pretty fun so I’m all for this one, just so you know I hope the mc isn’t the typical loser that pisses his pants when a female glances his way, the synopsis gives me hope but you never know.

    Art also reminds me of “there’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?”

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