A New Publisher and New Light Novel Licenses!

In news that surprised a lot of English light novel fans, not only did two new light novel licenses get announced, but they are coming from a brand new publisher, Tentai Books!

They are located in Madrid and are releasing their titles in both English and Spanish. With their announcements, they mentioned their titles would be initially available in digital format and they would release physical copies once the situation with Covid-19 stabilizes.

Both of their initial offerings are newer ongoing series from Overlap with each having 2 volumes released so far in Japan.

There's no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

“I just love you sooooooo much, Senpai!”

My name is Tomoki Yuuki, a second-year student in high school. I'd say I'm a fairly normal student, save for the fact that everyone avoids me like the plague because I apparently look like I'm out for blood. Ike Haruma is the only one that doesn't steer clear of me. He's your typical ‘perfect guy' in every sense; the protagonist with no real flaws that you see in any given story.

Life at school was going on as usual… until one day Haruma's super popular little sister confesses to me out of the blue?! Though she later clarifies that her feelings toward me are anything but romantic and that she has an ulterior motive, I end up accepting my new role as ‘fake boyfriend' as a favor to Haruma.

Believe it or not, the moment I start going out with her, Haruma's idol-tier childhood friend and my super hot teacher get involved with me too!

Wait a minute, this can't be a dream rom-com scenario setting itself up for me, can it?! I mean, there's no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

They have posted a release date for the digital edition of May 29, 2020.

Welcome to the Diner of the Exiled!

Leave everything to the strongest cook of them all!

Backstabbed by those he considered friends, Dennis has been exiled from one of the strongest guilds around: The Silver Wings Battalion. He doesn't think much of it, though, as he was dying to use his Level 99 cooking skills anyway. That's why he decides to leave the city behind and open up a diner in the countryside.

While pursuing his dream, Dennis meets Atrielle, a girl exiled from her noble household and relegated to slavery until he saves her.

The pair open the diner together, and their first client is… an exiled knight from a different guild? How peculiar. But she is not the only customer; a cocky mage and a drastically overworked yet underpaid sage become regulars as well.

The knight brings trouble to the diner at times, but Dennis's cooking skills and beloved butcher knives cut through trouble and hunger alike!

Thus begins the legend of Dennis and his diner, the talk of the town!

They have yet to announce the release date for this title.

As usual, English Light Novels will be adding title-specific posts for these books and as soon as preorder information is available, it will be added to those posts and the Preorders page.


Justus R. Stone has been running a light novel dedicated YouTube channel since 2014. He’s also the founder of the Light Novel Podcast, one of the first English language podcasts dedicated to Light Novels. In addition to his love of Japanese light novels, he is also the author of his own light novel-inspired series, The Bleeding Worlds.

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4 thoughts on “A New Publisher and New Light Novel Licenses!

  1. Interesting timing! A bunch of new publishers have been popping up over the past month or so, guess it's clear now's the time to jump into this business.

    Will certainly be curious to see how this new LN publisher does for sure.

    1. Yes, it’s interesting to see new companies jumping in. I’m hoping they all do well. The more companies we have, I think the more diverse range of titles we’ll end up getting.

  2. I was just reading “Welcome to the Diner of the Exiled!” manga and I loved it. Is Light Novel Goddess Waifu spying on me?

    The other title seems generic and probably no romance happens. But when it mentions super hot teacher, now I’m interested.

    1. When I saw Diner had a manga, I took a quick look at it too. I’m now looking forward to that as well! LOL, Super Hot Teacher has you interested? A person of culture, are you? Well, regardless, it’s nice to at least see Slice-of-Life getting some more attention. We’ve lacked a lot of those kinds of titles.

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