Summer Reading 2019 — How Was August?

How did your LN summer reading go this year? Did you meet your goal?

Sorry for getting this post up so late! Meant to write something quick a few days ago, and several days before that, and a couple days before that… Well, it’s here now.

I do have some good news though…?…!

I met my LN summer reading goal!!! I went all-out and read volumes 3 through 9 of the Kieli series in August. Managed to finish volume 9 a day before September hit. (whew)

I will hopefully write what reviews I have left to get to for the Kieli books this month. But for my overall impressions… I’d have to say this is a series that is greater than the sum of its parts. Some volumes are better than others–but its overarching story is one that really resonated with me, and it was wonderful to find out what happened to each of the characters I grew increasingly invested in from one novel to the next. There’s a uniquely somber yet hopeful tone to Kieli as a whole that I haven’t experienced in any other light novel series. I recommend this one to anybody looking for something different–something that blends together elements of sci-fi, fantasy, drama, action, and a bit of romance. A great example of thoughtful world-building, meaningful prose, and heartfelt character interactions.

And honestly, it’s kind of nice and refreshing to have a light novel series that actually ends? This is one in particular that benefited greatly from having a clear ending in mind, steadily worked toward it, and reached it within ten volumes.

That’s enough from me though. How did you all fare in August, and over the course of the summer in general? Any series you want to recommend in particular? Let us all know in the comments!

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