Horror Week Begins

(pictured: Zekkyou Gakkyuu)

As promised, we’re having a Horror Week this year! This means there will be seven reviews for various titles from the horror genre, or for books that are at least dark-themed (or for novels that just fit the Halloween season in some way). Can you guess what we will be reviewing? Here are the hints:

  • Oct 14 — What big eyes you have
  • Oct 15 — “In a Literary Salon”
  • Oct 16 — Lots of bugs in this game
  • Oct 17 — Serial killer fan club
  • Oct 18 — 6.23rd time’s the charm
  • Oct 19 — Characters you can sink your teeth into
  • Oct 20 — What is that strange voice?

Check in every day for a new review!

“Or else…”

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