Staff Introductions: Justus

Cho: It’s time for the last of our introduction posts for this site’s new contributors. Here’s Justus!

How about you introduce yourself?

Justus: Hi everyone! My name is Justus R. Stone and I run a YouTube channel and podcast dedicated to light novels.

Cho: Very cool! What got you into light novels?

Justus: I’m a longtime anime fan, so I first became aware of light novels through anime adaptations. But it wasn’t until the floodgates started opening with the English release of Sword Art Online that I became a light novel reader. At the time, I was most excited for the release of Accel World because it was an anime I enjoyed which finished on a “read the novels for more” cliffhanger.

Cho: A lot of anime adaptations are like that, though it’s not too surprising when the LN series is ongoing. Out of curiosity, what shows got you into anime?

Justus: When I was a kid, I was into shows like Robotech (Macross), Voltron, and StarBlazers (Space Battleship Yamato). But at the time, I had no idea they were anime, I just knew they seemed cooler than a lot of other (in retrospect, North American) cartoons. But the series that really got me into anime was Sailor Moon. I watched it while it was airing in Canada on YTV, and when they suddenly canceled it mid-season, my then-girlfriend (now my wife) and I went to our local Chinatown in search of more. After a while, the staff at those stores started suggesting series, and it just grew from there.

Cho: Very neat, and makes me think we could really use a good mecha LN series. What are some of your favorite light novels at the moment?

Justus: Some of my favorite titles are The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick-Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Overlord, and Re:Zero. But to be honest, I’m always finding new series I enjoy and am wanting to continue reading.

Cho: That’s a nice variety of titles–and I’ve noticed you also review the first volume of almost every LN series that comes out. (Best of luck, keeping up with all these new series releasing!) Is there a future title you’re looking forward to the most?

Justus: The title I’d say I was most excited for just came out, WorldEnd (it did NOT disappoint). But in terms of ones still to be released, I’m looking forward to Amagi Brilliant Park. The anime was so much fun, and apparently most of its content came from only 1 volume, so I’m excited to see more of the story.

Cho: Outside of light novels, what other things do you enjoy?

Justus: Outside of light novels, I also enjoy writing. I recently finished a four book series called The Bleeding Worlds and I’m in the early stages of writing something new. I’m married with two teenage sons and a small dog named Appa (yes, after the flying bison). To pay the bills, I work as an ambulance communications officer in which I take emergency calls and dispatch ambulances.

Cho: Sounds exciting! Would you say light novels have influenced your writing, or given you some new ideas?

Justus: Well, The Bleeding Worlds I’d say was more influenced by anime in terms of ideas. But that’s probably because I started writing it several years before I got into light novels. The new idea I’m playing around with is definitely showing far more light novel influences in terms of story and structure. Hopefully, I can have something new out soon. I tend to be a slow writer.

Cho: Thanks for sharing, Justus! And thanks for all your help so far on this site.

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