Cross Infinite World: Dawn of the Mapmaker

Dawn of the Mapmaker: The Surveyor Girl and the Forbidden Knowledge

Cross Infinite World has announced a license for the four-volume high fantasy series Dawn of the Mapmaker: The Surveyor Girl and the Forbidden Knowledge. It was written by Akira Nashiki and will feature illustrations by MonoKubo (some of his artwork can be found here). The story is titled 九十九の黎明 -測量少女と禁じられた知識- in Japanese, and appears to be a web novel series on Syosetsu (similar to other titles picked up by Cross Infinite World).

The ebook for Dawn of the Mapmaker is planned to release in English on July 31, 2018. It is already available for preorder on Amazon.

Volume 1

Synopsis: “Knowledge is power, and you shouldn't possess this knowledge.” In an age where mapmaking is a lost art, Unen hides her skill from the world at large. But when she accepts a local landlord's request to survey the boundary between his land and that of a neighboring lord's, her maps accidentally give away her existence to a master swordsman and a cunning mage--a duo who have been hunting down the man who taught her the forbidden knowledge of mapmaking. As one of the rare few capable of creating maps with bird's eye precision, Unen's fate hangs precariously in the balance as she endeavors to survive in a world of people who want to own her or see her dead.

2 thoughts on “Cross Infinite World: Dawn of the Mapmaker

  1. I just preordered this one, and realized, that I have bought more CIW novels than JNC? With JNC I always waver, what series I actually should buy, because many of them are based on the most generic premises (like VRMMO or Isekai) and you never could really tell, whether it will be good or not …
    I really hope that some of CIWs novels get physical releases, Little Princess in Fairy Forest for example, but thats because of the gorgeous illustrations :P

    1. Planning to pick up Fairy Forest when I get the chance, and am interested in a couple other recent CIW novels. Dawn of the Mapmaker sounds good too. I think that one will be a bit more serious than the other CIW titles, and a bit more “general audience.” There is some good variety to the stories CIW has picked up, so I think there’s something for everyone so long as you’re okay with fantasy. (The vast majority of LNs in general seem to be fantasy though.)

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