New Staff Member: Introducing Melody

(pictured: Ben-To)
(pictured: Ben-To)
Hi everyone, Melody here as a new staff member! I’m really happy to be here as a writer for English Light Novels. And to introduce myself, I asked Cho to interview me. Again, really grateful to Cho for this opportunity and I hope you’ll like my future posts!

* * *

Cho: Hi everyone, hope you are all having a nice summer. I have moved back to Japan and have stable internet access once more, so I should be able to update things here more over the coming weeks. But first, it’s time to introduce a new staff member for this site!

Who are you?

Melody: I’m Melody (Rhymes with Melody for the full pseudonym) and I’m an English-French translator and soon-to-be Japanese translator! I also was in charge of a certain obscure blog that just died recently. *wink*

Cho: Do you live in France? What is the light novel scene like there?

Melody: I live in France, yes. The light novel scene is slowly recovering from the first flop, as a new publishing company decided to do à la Yen Press by publishing fan favorites (SAO, DanMachi). The market is smaller (due to several problems) but I’m confident there’ll be more series in the future.

Cho: What language do you usually read light novels in?

Melody: I mainly read in English. I sometimes read in Japanese for learning purposes.

Cho: What got you into light novels? What do you like about them?

Melody: I first learned about light novels when Ben-To aired, back in 2010. The anime is one of my all-time favorites. As for what I like about them, I would say their silliness. A lot of LNs have pretty absurd stories. I like to spend time finding the most stupid synopses and give some a read.

Cho: What are some of your favorite light novels?

Melody: Ben-To, Zaregoto, HakoMari, NGNL, and Taimadou Gakuen. I could also add Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita but I only saw the anime and didn’t find time to read the novel.

Cho: Outside of light novels, what other things do you enjoy?

Melody: I’m gonna be a little boring but I play video games, mostly casual racing games or fighting games, and listen to all kinds of music. Nothing too exciting.

Cho: What kind of posts do you plan to write here at

Melody: LN reviews and editorials! I love writing in-depth articles but reviews are my bread ‘n butter. I express my opinion on everything. Everything.

Cho: Sounds great! I’ll look forward to reading your posts. :)

* * *

If any of you have questions for me, feel free to comment here!

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