News: Light Novel Articles (February 2015)

(pictured: Strawberry Panic)
(pictured: Strawberry Panic)

I didn’t notice a LOT of light novel-related articles this past month, so feel free to link any others you happen to know of! Here are a few posts to check out for now though:

  • Over at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, you can read this interview with Naoki Yamada, the CEO of Conyac–i.e. the crowd-funding translation company that held a light novel translation contest for Impress QuickBooks.
  • Here is a review from Arkham Reviews for the Strawberry Panic LN omnibus.
  • And here is a “double review” from Anime Vios, covering both the manga and LN for All You Need is Kill.
  • Windborne is beginning to review individual volumes of light novels: here are posts for volume 2 and volume 3 of Only Sense Online.
  • “You’ve Probably Heard of at Least One LN Series with a Really Long Title Name, and in This Post Deluscar Looks Into That Very Topic!”

What LNs are people reading right now? I’m about done with Another… and I’ll leave it a surprise for now what I’ll probably tackle after that. :> I’m hoping to get through a bunch on my to-read list before the wave of new titles arrives in April. (see right sidebar)

3 thoughts on “News: Light Novel Articles (February 2015)

  1. I’ve just finished volume 1 of A Certain Magical Index (after having bought it in June and put off reading it XD) and thoroughly enjoyed it, can’t wait to pick up volume 2! (Yeah, I’m reeeaaalllyy behind)

    I’ve also started AW volume 5, I’m enjoying that so far. I’ll hopefully finish that soon and shall start Seraph volume 1.

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