News: Yen Press Licenses Black Bullet, Strike the Blood, Durarara LNs

(pictured: Black Bullet)
(pictured: Black Bullet)

On their Twitter feed today, Yen Press has announced three new light novel licenses for their Yen On imprint: Durarara!!, Strike the Blood, and Black Bullet. Durarara!! volume 1 has been confirmed for release in July, Black Bullet volume 1 in August, and Strike the Blood volume 1 in September.

Here are the tweets announcing each title:

It also looks like there will be ebook versions for each of these series:

Here is a brief synopsis for each series (source from MyAnimeList):

Black Bullet – 7 volumes (ongoing) – by Shiden Kanzaki (with art by Saki Ukai)
A near future, where humans have been defeated by the viral parasites named Gastrea. They have been exiled into a small territory and live in despair, side by side with terror. In this world trapped in darkness-- Rentaro, a boy living near Tokyo and member of the “Civil Security” – an organization specializing in fighting against the Gastrea – is used to accomplishing dangerous tasks. His partner is Enju, a precocious young girl. They fight thanks to their peculiar powers until one day, when they receive a special assignment from the government. This top secret mission is to prevent the destruction of Tokyo… Set in a near future, this thrilling heroic-action story… starts now!

Strike the Blood – 11 volumes (ongoing) – by Gakuto Mikumo (with art by Manyako)
The fourth primogenitor – is the strongest vampire who exists only in the world of legends; yet when this masters the 12 kenju, the spread of the catastrophe of the vampires will appear in Japan. In order to spy on and erase this, “fourth primogenitor,” the government-owned Lion organization has decided to send an attacking magician, “sword shaman” to complete the task. Yet unknowingly, the one who was selected to spy was actually a trainee “sword shaman” girl – Himeragi Yukina.

Durarara!! – 13 volumes (sequel Durarara!! SH follows) – by Ryohgo Narita (with art by Suzuhito Yasuda)
The story takes place in a downtown of Tokyo, Ikebukuro. Teenage punks gang up and fight against each other. The gangsters are afraid of an urban legend “Dullahan” headless rider, who rides a black motorcycle without head lights nor sounds of engine. Ryuugamine Mikado is a normal high school boy who seeks peculiar beings. When he moves in to Ikebukuro, a mad scramble for Dullahan’s missing head breaks out.

Black Bullet received an anime adaptation in spring 2014, Strike the Blood‘s anime aired from fall 2013 to winter 2014, and Durarara!! had a season of anime in winter and spring of 2010. A second season of Durarara!! is beginning this week and will air for three seasons.

6 thoughts on “News: Yen Press Licenses Black Bullet, Strike the Blood, Durarara LNs

  1. So…will you be devoting every week on Friday writing about how awesome it is to get DRRR!! LN licensed or will you be writing every day about how awesome it is to get DRRR!! LN licensed?

    1. Pffft! Maybe on the Tumblr, why not? =P Been looking forward to reading Durarara for some time now.
      It was definitely just a matter of time for the LNs to make it over though! Every time LN announcements were being made by Yen Press I kept expecting it, particularly since they’ve already had the manga for a while now.

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