News: Light Novel Articles (September 2014)

(pictured: Yume Nikki)
(pictured: Yume Nikki)

September has passed away, and it’s time for some more links to light novel-related blog posts:

  • Melodicity delves a bit into the world of Blazblue light novels. There’s quite a few of them, it turns out!
  • Noninfinite has compiled a nice list of upcoming English light novels, including their ISBNs and book titles.
  • Here is a review of Mushoku Tensei from East of the Wire.
  • A look into Kuro no Hiera Glaphicos from 320 Pages or Less.
  • Some notes on Elegant Beast of the De Costa Family from Peachi Dreami.
  • And a review of Kara no Kyoukai from Windborne.
  • This site’s Tumblr has reached 300 posts, and one of them actually gained a little traction: a picture of some light novels I’ve accumulated based on indie horror RPGs. Perhaps I’ll have to put a post up here for those books, now that it’s October?
  • There is a poll going on at Sugoi Japan for best light novels (as well as anime, manga, and regular novels). You can pick your three favorites and vote for them. Just click on a light novel, then on the big red button. Once you have three selected, you can click on the button in the right column to submit your selections.

If you know of any good light novel posts elsewhere on the internet this past month, please feel free to share them here. (I’d especially like to find more blogs and websites that deal with official English releases.)

3 thoughts on “News: Light Novel Articles (September 2014)

  1. Well, the poll is kinda fun. Although since I didn’t read much LNs, some votes are chosen based solely on their anime counterparts. I voted DDD, Fate/Zero, OreGairu; would choose NGNL too if I’m allowed one more choice.

    1. Yes, it’s hard to read all the light novels, especially when most aren’t translated (and even fewer are actually licensed). I voted for Book Girl at least though. :> And then I gave a vote for Humanity Has Declined, since I loved the anime so much. I’d really like to see that series translated some day…

      I haven’t heard of DDD. Is it a good one? Judging by the style of the cover, I’m guessing it might be related to the Monogatari franchise? (Or is that a style used for many series by the same publisher, I wonder?)

      1. Nah, DDD is written by Kinoko Nasu. Similarly, DDD’s atmosphere is a resemblance of his older works like Kara no Kyoukai/Tsukihime, but with enough flair for it’s own uniqueness. It’s dark, gory even, but nonetheless, it’s definitely a great read.

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