News: Spice and Wolf 12, Sword Art Online 2 Released

(pictured: Sword Art Online)
(pictured: Sword Art Online)

The twelfth volume of Spice and Wolf and the second volume of Sword Art Online have been recently released by Yen Press. They are available in paperback, and can be purchased online.

Spice and Wolf vol 12: AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository

Sword Art Online vol 2: AmazonBarnes and NobleBook Depository

Spice and Wolf vol 12 Synopsis:

To obtain a map of the northlands, Lawrence and company leave the Kingdom of Winfiel and return to Kerube. But instead of the silversmith they seek, they cross paths with a beautiful girl named Fran, who offers to draw them their map. However, Fran's map comes with a price-in exchange, the party must travel with her to a village where an angel is said to have alighted and discover the truth behind the legend. But what of the rumor that a witch lives in that very same village…?

Sword Art Online vol 2 Synopsis:

Linked up and logged into the deadly VMMORPG “Sword Art Online” in both the real and virtual worlds, Kirito is stuck in a hell of one man's making, and like everyone else, unable to escape until the game is beaten. But while some players are crippled by fear and others throw themselves into completing the game, still others relax into everyday life in the face of their cruel predicament and live to the best of their ability…laughing, crying, but always enjoying the game. Among them are four women who make a mark upon the solo adventurer that Kirito has become: Silica, the beast-tamer; Lisbeth, the blacksmith; Yui, the mysterious orphan; and the tragic Sachi, never to be forgotten by the black swordsman…

7 thoughts on “News: Spice and Wolf 12, Sword Art Online 2 Released

  1. I liked their anime adaptations. Light novels have yet to win me over though. They don’t have much content. The Spice & Wolf book I read for example was just a short boat trip.

    1. Television shows are generally much faster-paced than books, so the storytelling techniques are inevitably going to be pretty different. Nothing unusual with liking one adaptation over another.
      I can’t vouch for S&W or SAO personally, as I have not read those.

  2. I don’t really know how to contact you. But thanks for all the hard work you’re putting building this site. It’s a great index and it’ll help me in my journey through light novels (and help me buy them, so you’re helping the english light novel editors).
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks a lot, Seriness! My main hope for this site is to help people know what light novels are available and find the ones they’d like to read. I’ve discovered a lot more books myself during the process of compiling the entries, so it’s been worthwhile for me too, ha ha.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Josh! I’ve now got about a dozen tabs open in my browser about all this good light novel news, ha ha. XD Will have a post for this up shortly…

      And yes, perhaps I should make a contact page? Or maybe just place my email on the front page somewhere. Wonder if that would lead to spam though…?

      1. yeah maybe a contact page; for an email, you could do one especially devoted for this page and not your personal one.

        its ok though. you seem to read the comments and we can always contact you that way.

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